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Nintendo Celebrates The Anniversary of Japanese Gen 1 Release With Pokemon Day Freebies

Posted on February 27, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of Pokemon Red Version and Pokemon Green Version for the original Gameboy in Japan. To celebrate “Pokemon Day”, Nintendo is offering up a brand new 3DS theme, a Detective Pikachu Wallpaper and printable “Pokemon Day” cards over on the My Nintendo service.

In order to nab the absolutely adorable sleeping Pikachu 3DS theme you’ll need to spend 100 platinum coins per code. Each my Nintendo account can claim up to 3 free theme e-shop codes, so if you’ve got family or friends with a Nintendo 3DS, now is the time to gift a theme.

Also on offer is a high resolution version of a promotional wallpaper for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS release Detective Pikachu. Set for release on March 23rd 2018, two years after the Japanese launch, Detective Pikachu sees the electric mouse take on the role of a talking gumshoe. A film adaptation of Detective Pikachu is expected to be released by May 2019 and will be distributed by Legendary Entertainment.

Do you have memories of playing the first generation of Pokemon Games way back in the late 90s? What was your first Pokemon adventure? I’d love to know, sound off in the comments below.


Pokémon Shuffle updated to Version 1.5 with new features

Posted on February 26, 2018 by Jason Nason

Pokémon Shuffle has recently been updated to version 1.5. The update beings with it a variety of new features.

The update includes a new Trainer Rank system that gives you various rewards based on the number of Pokémon that you have captured. These include Mega Speedups, Raise Max Levels, jewels, and Mega Stones. There are a total of 30 Ranks.

The update also adds daily check in bonuses which cycle through 15 different gifts. These include Hearts, Moves +5, Exp. Booster S, Skill Booster S, Mega Start, Disruption Delay, Exp. Booster M, Raise Max Level, Exp. Booster L, Time + 10, and a Jewel in day 15.

Finally the new update allows you to unlock future stages with Jewels. So if you’re stuck at a level and can’t seem to beat it, like I was at one point, you can skip over it and keep playing.

Pokémon Shuffle recently celebrated its three year anniversary and several rewards have been distributed. These include three jewels, Legendary Pokémon Suicune and Mewtwo, a skill swapper and Raise Max Levels enhancement, and Pikachu (Fired Up). You’ll have to hurry though as these rewards are only available until February 27th at 1am ET.

Source: Serebii


Detective Pikachu is on the way

Posted on February 26, 2018 by Jason Nason

Nintendo’s latest Pokémon spinoff title Detective Pikachu is nearing its March 23rd release for the Nintendo 3DS. In the title you must team up with the self-proclaimed “great detective” Pikachu to solve a puzzling case involving oddly behaving Pokémon, discover a possible connection to the mysterious Mewtwo and encounter many characters in Ryme City.

Ryme City is a place where people and Pokémon live together. But recently, many friendly Pokémon are behaving oddly for no apparent reason. While Pikachu and his friend Tim search for Tim’s father, Harry, they unwittingly stumble into the mysterious case of the problematic Pokémon. Can they solve the mystery and also find Tim’s father?

While many different Pokémon appear in Detective Pikachu, the one who seems to hold the biggest connection to the overall mystery is Mewtwo. How is Mewtwo connected to everything? And why does Mewtwo seem to know Pikachu?

Along the way, experience over 150 fun-filled animated cutscenes starring this unique, wise-cracking Pikachu and a charming cast of curious characters who may help you on your investigation. You can also tap the new, extra-large Detective Pikachu amiibo figure to access all cutscenes up until the current chapter played.


February 22nd Nintendo Download

Posted on February 22, 2018 by Jason Nason

Nintendo Switch eShop

Super Mario Odyssey Update – Starting today, you can download a free update for the Super Mario Odyssey game for the Nintendo Switch system. The free update adds a fun new minigame called Balloon World (internet access required*), which you can play after finishing the main story. To get started, just find Luigi in a kingdom and talk to him! In Hide It mode, you can take a balloon and hide it somewhere in that kingdom for other players to find. In Find It mode, you must find balloons hidden by other players. There’s a limited time to hide and find the balloons, so act fast! All the secret and out-of-the-way areas you found while playing the game will come in handy! The update also adds new outfits and filters to use in Snapshot Mode!

PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 PLUS – The highly acclaimed PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION series has finally come to Nintendo Switch. Featuring eye-popping high-resolution 3D graphics and funky visuals, the latest version of the classic game takes chomping and chasing through mazes to a whole new level.

PAYDAY 2 – PAYDAY 2 is an action-packed, four-player co-op shooter that once again lets gamers don the masks of the original PAYDAY crew – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains – as they descend on Washington, D.C., for an epic crime spree. (Additional games and systems required for multiplayer mode. Sold separately.) PAYDAY 2launches on Feb. 27.

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February 15th Nintendo Download

Posted on February 15, 2018 by Jason Nason

Nintendo Switch eShop

Bayonetta – Bayonetta is a butt-kicking, havoc-wreaking witch, and she’ll shoot, whip and slice as she uncovers the truth about her own past. Her weapons and moves are all stylishly over-the-top, but she can also dodge attacks to slow down time, and inflict Torture Attacks on her enemies. Use Wicked Weaves to summon Infernal Demons, dodge enemies’ dangerous attacks to slow down time and punish angels with deadly devices. You can even dress Bayonetta up in four Nintendo-themed costumes: Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Link and Samus Aran. Bayonetta will be available on Feb. 16.

Bayonetta 2 – Bayonetta’s back and more powerful than ever. Wield wild weapons and execute deadly moves – like the powerful Umbran Climax – to take out angels and demons in this breathtaking and critically acclaimed action game. The Bayonetta 2 game also features an online and local wireless two-player cooperative mode in which players bet halos on their performance and work together to amplify their sass, cause destruction and score some riches. (Additional accessories are required for multiplayer mode and are sold separately.) Bayonetta 2 will be available on Feb. 16.

Get both Bayonetta games for a great price! – Purchase Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2 on Nintendo.com or Nintendo eShop and get a discount on your purchase of the other game. Once you purchase Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2 from Nintendo.com or Nintendo eShop, any time you purchase the other Bayonetta game from Nintendo.com or Nintendo eShop, you’ll get an automatic discount applied at checkout.

Fe – Fe is a new type of platform adventure where the story is up to you to discover, without handholding, told wordlessly through the discoveries you make during gameplay. Run, climb and glide your way through a dark Nordic forest and explore its living, breathing ecosystem filled with secrets and mystical creatures. Fe will be available on Feb. 16.

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Radiant Historia – Perfect Chronology | REVIEW

Posted on February 13, 2018 by Jason Nason

The branching timelines in Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology makes the game feel like a choose-your-own adventure game, but while you’ll jump back and forth between the timelines the game doesn’t get too confusing. It’s actually a rather interesting mechanic that doesn’t feel like a gimmick and is central to the story and your progression through the game.

The expanded 3DS port of the original Radiant Historia, released six years ago for the Nintendo DS, contains a great deal of added gameplay/story content, updated presentation, and new ways to experience the adventure.

On the continent of Vainqueur about a century ago, a mysterious phenomenon called “desertification” began encroaching from the western side of the continent, turning all land it reaches into sand. Year by year, the remaining habitable land shrinks further. Without a solution to this growing problem, Alistel and Granorg have been forced into bitter conflict over what green land is left, as the future of the world grows dimmer and dimmer.

You’ll once again take the reins of Alistel operative Stocke, a member of the SI, a special operations unit of the military. Upon being given a mysterious book called the White Chronicle by his commander Heiss, he uncovers that this relic is truly powerful as he gains the ability to travel between two alternate timelines. It’s a very neat concept that is thurst into the forefront right at the beginning of the game. Stocke is given a choice to remain with the SI or rejoin his friend with the Alistel army. This event in time splits the game into two storylines, one where he joins his friend Rosch and the other where he doesn’t.

As far as the choose-your-own adventure comparison, there are points in each timeline where you are given two opposing choices. One choice may continue the story along while another may lead to a game over. Though when that does happen Stocke is taken to Historia where he can use the White Chronicle to go back in time to specific points to try and change history. He can also navigate between the timelines to change the flow of history as well.

Those changes ripple through the twin timelines and changed events can affect the other timeline. For example there is a point near the beginning of the game where a key character your team is waiting for doesn’t arrive, which throws your team into chaos.  But using the White Chronicle to switch to the alternate timeline allows you to find this character, save him from danger, thus allowing him to continue on his way and make it to his destination in both timelines. Changing the course of history in one timeline can get you past an obstacle in the other timeline.

There are also instances where you may need a certain ability to advance in one of the timelines which you will learn in the other. While this sounds counter intuitive it really flows nicely and isn’t jarring at all.

There are multiple difficulty settings in the game, with a beginner difficulty which allows you to flow easily through the game. While the core of the game at the regular difficulty contains turn based battles, the lower difficulty lets you skip many of the ‘random’ battles, thus allowing you to enjoy the story at a quicker pace. All of the enemies are visible in the overworld. Striking them in the beginner difficulty will allow you to skip the battle while still earning experience, items, and gold. The difficulty of battles in the beginner difficulty is also dramatically lowered as well, so a gamer can enjoy the game for the story without the challenge of the battles.

Being a JRPG, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology has a very lengthy and engrossing story, nearly all of which is fully voiced with great voice work. The cut-scenes have extensive dialogue and the game can play out like a visual novel at times. You can even put down your Nintendo 3DS and let the story auto-play while you watch along during some of these scenes. If you’re not interested in the finer points of the plot though you can press a button to skip through the dialogue much faster. Also, since you can go back in time and replay segments of the game at any time, when you replay a section you can skip a cut-scene entirely.

There are two main storylines in the original game and this remake adds a third parallel timeline. Stocke will now encounter a mysterious new character named Nemesia who will teach him more about his world’s history and unlock a third timeline to explore the ripple effect of some of his actions with episodic “what-if” scenarios. You can choose to play the game through in the original mode as it was originally released, or play the appended mode with the new content included.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology blends a familiar turn-based battle format with an innovative grid-based strategy system. In each encounter, enemies appear on a 3×3 grid, opening up a multitude of possibilities. You can push, pull, and otherwise force the enemies around the grid, and then smash them all at once on the same square. Another unique feature of this system is the Change command. By using it, you can manipulate the turn order of both allies and enemies to set yourself up for the perfect succession of moves.

A new edition to the 3DS version, your teammates who are not currently participating in battle can jump in and help out with a support skill! While their appearance is random, they will not spend any MP. Each character has their own unique skills that will be used.

Whether you play the game for the brute challenge of the harder difficulty settings or play thru more casually on the lower difficulty, the storyline of the game is intriguing, the characters are colourful, and the unfolding plot is twisted and engaging to watch.


February 8th Nintendo Download

Posted on February 8, 2018 by Jason Nason

Nintendo Switch eShop

Dragon Quest Builders – Gather, craft and build the kingdom of your dreams to restore the ruined world of Alefgard. As the legendary Builder, you’ll construct rooms, towns and defenses while fighting monsters. In Terra Incognita, build freely, share creations online, battle in an arena and access exclusive content to the Nintendo Switch version of the game—gather special materials with the Great Sabrecub to unlock retro customization options, including the Dragon Quest Game Pak (Nintendo Account required.  Online services and features, including online gameplay, are free until the paid Nintendo Switch Online Service launches in 2018). Dragon Quest Builders will be available on Feb. 9. A free demo version of the game is available now for download in Nintendo eShop.

Owlboy – Owlboy is a story-driven platform adventure game in which you can fly and explore a world in the clouds. Pick up your friends, and bring them with you as you explore the open skies. Overcome great obstacles and even greater enemies when Owlboy launches on Feb. 13.

Aegis Defenders – Explore, build and defend in this unique mashup of action-platformer and tower-defense-strategy. Play as a team of Ruinhunters searching for the one thing that can save their village: a legendary weapon known as Aegis.

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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology demo, 3DS theme and DLC announced

Posted on February 4, 2018 by Jason Nason

Atlus’ upcoming game Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is just over a week away and Atlus has detailed the upcoming DLC for the game. Not only that but a free 3DS theme has also been released as a companion to the game, which is already available.

For those who can’t wait for the February 13th North American release date to arrive, you can also download the Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology demo today in the Nintendo eShop! You can get familiar with the story and the game’s mechanics, then transfer your save file when the game launches.

There is a variety of different DLC coming up for the game, including a variety of character art, consumable items, and more as DLC starting on launch day.

February 13 (Launch Day)

  • Growth Ring ($1.99): Consumable item. Gain additional EXP.
  • Mole Armlet ($1.99): Consumable item. Gain additional money.
  • New Difficulty: DEADLY (Free): Unlock “Near Death” difficulty.
  • Chibi Art Pack ($2.49): Switch main character art to Chibi art.
  • Classic Art Pack ($2.49): Switch main character art to original version’s.
  • Bathing in Mana ($3.99): Fan service event. Each character will show up ready for a swim. Plus an additional boss battle.

February 20

  • Rage of the Fallen ($2.49): Rescue Aht and Marco in New Granorg in different timeline.
  • Under the Moonlight ($2.49): Investigate information leak with Eruca and Rainey in New Granorg in different timeline.

February 27

  • Settling the Score ($2.49): Investigate the distortion in time with Rosch and Gafka in different timeline. Fight against seven bosses in sequence.
  • Meeting in the Chasm ($2.49): Explore the hidden past of Nemesia.
  • Hunting Corridor (2.99): A dungeon that you can find an item to boost up your character parameters.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is an enhanced retelling of the original where you’ll once again take the reins of Alistel operative Stocke as he unlocks the power of the White Chronicle relic and gains the ability to travel between two alternate timelines. With his new-found powers, Stocke will need to right the wrongs of the past in order to prevent the total annihilation of the world.

This time though, things are a bit different.

Redesigned character art, new character voice-overs, a brand-new opening animation by A-1 Pictures, new theme song, event illustrations, five new tracks from original composer Yoko Shimomura, and additional difficulty settings will enhance the experience in this fresh take of a beloved story.

Stocke will now encounter a mysterious new character named Nemesia who will teach him more about his world’s history and unlock a third timeline to explore the ripple effect of some of his actions with episodic “what-if” scenarios. If you’re a Radiant Historia purist who simply wants to play through the original game’s story, we have you covered! Perfect Chronology offers two different modes: Append and Perfect. Append mode allows you to beat the original game before having the option to start a NewGame+ with the added content, while Perfect mode lets you play through the game with the inclusion of the third timeline from the beginning.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology will be released on February 13th.


February 1st Nintendo Download

Posted on February 1, 2018 by Jason Nason

Nintendo Switch eShop

Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack: Wave 1 – The Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack grants immediate access to Avatar items upon purchase and two waves of DLC as they are released. (The full game is required to access the DLC.) The Battle Pack contains two new Battle Pokémon and two new Support Pokémon Sets. With these Pokémon joining the fray, the battle is just getting started.

  • Wave 1 launched on Jan. 31 and contains Battle Pokémon Aegislash, a new Support Pokémon set featuring Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu, and additional Avatar items.
  • Wave 2 releases on March 23 and contains Battle Pokémon Blastoise, a new Support Pokémon set featuring Mew and Celebi, and additional Avatar items.

Crypt of the NecroDancer: Nintendo Switch Edition – Crypt of the NecroDancer is an award-winning hardcore rhythm-based dungeon crawling game. Players must move on the beat to navigate randomly generated dungeons and battle dancing skeletons, zombies and dragons, while grooving to the game’s award-winning Danny Baranowsky soundtrack. Players can even team up with a friend in local co-op mode.

Dandara – Welcome to a unique 2D platformer full of mystical creatures and boundless exploration. Defy gravity as you jump across floors, walls and ceilings alike. Discover the mysteries and secrets hidden throughout the world of Salt and its diverse array of characters. Empower Dandara for combat and survival against enemies bent on oppression. Dandara will be available on Feb. 6.

Night in the Woods – Night in the Woods is an adventure game focused on exploration, story and character, featuring dozens of characters to meet and lots to do across a lush, vibrant world. Break stuff, play bass, hang out, walk on powerlines, jump between roofs, and discover strange and amazing and terrible things you never asked for. Come home and waste your life away in Possum Springs.

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January 25th Nintendo Download

Posted on January 25, 2018 by Jason Nason

Nintendo Switch eShop

Celeste – Brave hundreds of hand-crafted challenges in this super-tight platformer, as you help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain. The controls are simple and accessible, but with layers of expressive depth to master, and every death is a lesson. Lightning-fast respawns keep you climbing as you uncover the mysteries of the mountain and brave its many perils.

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Legendary 2018 distribution Pokémon revealled

Posted on January 20, 2018 by Jason Nason

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have revealled the distribution Pokémon being released in 2018.

Last year the Pokémon were distributed via GameStop store (EB Games in Canada) and also as free downloads through the Pokémon Sun and Moon games. It’s unclear if that will be the case again this year, but the first Pokémon to be released will be done via code cards at GameStop (EB Games) stores again.

In celebration of the amazing power of Legendary Pokémon, look forward to opportunities to obtain these magnificent Pokémon over the course of the year. Every one of the Pokémon you’ll get for your Pokémon Ultra Sun, Pokémon Ultra Moon, Pokémon Sun, or Pokémon Moon game will be at least level 60. Plus, they may be holding a valuable Gold Bottle Cap to let you maximize the individual strengths of one of your Pokémon via Hyper Training.

Pokémon received through Pokémon Sun or Moon will be level 60 while Pokémon received through Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon will be level 100.

Available at GameStop (EB Games) from February 2-28, 2018 are the legendary duo of Palkia and Dialga. Palkia and Dialga will be available at participating GameStop (EB Games) stores starting February 2nd, 2018. Visit and you can receive a code to get Palkia in your Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Sun game, or Dialga in your Pokémon Ultra Moon or Pokémon Moon game.

Codes need to be redeemed in your game by May 23rd, 2018.




January 18th Nintendo Downlaod

Posted on January 18, 2018 by Jason Nason

Nintendo Switch eShop

LOST SPHEAR – The adventure of LOST SPHEAR begins in a remote town of Elgarthe, where a young boy, Kanata, awakens from a devastating dream to find his hometown disappearing. To stop the world from disappearing forever, Kanata and his comrades set out to rebuild the world, mustering different Memory and crafting the world around them. The LOST SPHEAR game launches on Jan. 23.

Darkest Dungeon – Darkest Dungeon is a challenging, gothic roguelike turn-based RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Recruit, train and lead a team of flawed heroes against unimaginable horrors, stress, famine, disease and the ever-encroaching dark. Can you keep your heroes together when all hope is lost?

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Three classic Nintendo 3DS games are now only $29.99 each

Posted on January 16, 2018 by Jason Nason

Starting on February 3rd, Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, two of the most acclaimed Nintendo 3DS games of all time, and Ultimate NES Remix, a mashup of classic NES games starring classic Nintendo characters, are joining the Nintendo Selects library and will be available at a suggested retail price of only $29.99 CAD each.

The Nintendo Selects library features a wide variety of games for various Nintendo systems, which can each be purchased for the suggested retail price of only $29.99. In addition to the newly added games, other games in the library include classics like Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

“For people that received a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS system as a holiday gift, these three games are ideal ways to start their gaming library,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We’re excited to offer these must-have games for a new, low price.”

In Super Mario 3D Land, players run, jump and power up with Mario through multiple colorful worlds. The game is a fun combination of 3D gameplay combined with the more traditional linear designs of classic 2D Super Mario games.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds continues the adventure of the legendary hero of Hyrule. In this critically acclaimed tale, Link can transform into a living painting to cross into a dark parallel world, travel along walls and solve challenging puzzles.

Ultimate NES Remix features rapid-fire challenges and mashups from some of the most recognizable games on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Players take on creative and nostalgic challenges from classic games like Super Mario Bros. 3, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda and Punch-Out!!


Link-a-Pix coming to 3DS eShop this week

Posted on January 15, 2018 by Jason Nason

Lightwood Games’ latest Picross inspired title is coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop this week. Link-a-Pix is a clue-linking puzzle where every grid has a picture hidden inside. The aim is to reveal the picture by painting paths to link the clues.

Connect pairs of clues which have the same colour and number. The number shows the length of the line which will connect them.

Link-a-Pix can always be solved using logic and deduction. You don’t ever have to guess!

This game contains 120 exclusive puzzles, designed by Conceptis Ltd. Puzzles range in difficulty and size from small introductory pictures to huge scrollable grids with highly detailed pictures.

Link-a-Pix will be released on Thursday, January 18th and will retail for $9.99 CAD.


Detective Pikachu coming to 3DS on March 23rd

Posted on January 12, 2018 by Jason Nason

Take the role of young Tim Goodman and explore with his talkative partner Pikachu in the action-adventure game Detective Pikachu, coming to the Nintendo 3DS family on March 23rd, 2018.

Tim and this gruff, coffee-drinking Pikachu have teamed up to investigate the disappearance of Tim’s father. Look for clues, talk to witnesses, and uncover the secrets of Ryme City!

A special Pikachu and his friend Tim uncover the mysteries of Ryme City in Detective Pikachu for systems in the Nintendo 3DS family. This Pikachu is unlike any other—the gruff Pokémon talks tough, loves strong coffee, and boasts about his brilliance as a wannabe great detective. Side by side, Tim and Pikachu will search for clues and talk to witnesses to investigate the disappearance of Tim’s father, Harry.

You’re sure to encounter plenty of other interesting characters as you explore the big city, including Brad McMaster, a police lieutenant; and Mike Baker, a man who used to work with Harry. Plus there are countless Pokémon to meet, and that’s where this Pikachu’s talents really shine—he can communicate with other Pokémon—and with Tim, too. Look forward to plenty of other fascinating people in Ryme City…but it’s up to you to figure out who to trust!

As you find new evidence, Pikachu will help you figure out when you’ve discovered something important. With his “A bolt of brilliance!” catchphrase, he’ll let you know when he’s learned enough to advance the case. And keep an eye out for Pika Prompts, short video clips that include Pikachu’s quips and antics, and might even contain a hint or two.

For those players who are new to sleuthing and may need some help in uncovering the evidence, Detective Pikachu features an Easy Mode, where Pikachu will provide handy hints on what to do or where to go next.

A special Detective Pikachu amiibo is in the works, too. This amiibo features a sleuthing Pikachu that’s larger than the standard amiibo, and when used with your game, it can unlock short videos that may contain helpful hints for your investigation.

Check back for details on this special limited-edition amiibo.

Detective Pikachu, coming to systems in the Nintendo 3DS family on March 23, 2018. No word on price point yet.



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