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Classic video game console the Amiga is getting a documentary

From Bedrooms to Billions the Omega Years will tell teh story of the rise of the personal computer as a gaming device. Following on the success of the original “From Bedrooms To Billions” this next instalment “From Bedrooms To Billions: The Amiga […]


Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within | Retrospective

It’s a pretty well known stereotype in the North American movie world – perhaps globally – that movies based on the stories told in video games generally aren’t that great. Of course, that’s a somewhat mixed opinion with the people […]


Riddick is coming back

Many fans were disappointed with the “conclusion” of the final Riddick film the self titled “Riddick”. The Necromonger story line wasn’t properly resolved and the excuse for why was flimsy at best. So fans will no doubt be excited to […]


Star Wars the Force Unleashed Trailer Three is HERE!!!!!!

Ok Star Wars Fans! The final Trailer for the next installment of our beloved franchise is finally out! The trailer features all your favorite new characters, and seems to explain how our two main characters will meet, as well as […]