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Mass Effect 4 Coming Late 2014 – Mid 2015 (Update)

Update 12/13/12: This is why we state it was a “mystery source” as now the Gamer Syndrome article that was posted was pulled today with the site stating:  “This interview has been removed. The information provided previously by the author […]


Mass Effect 4 Powered By Frostbite Engine – Headed New Direction

Mass Effect 3 may have been the end of a trilogy, but that doesn’t mean that EA/Bioware are done with the franchise just yet. In the early stages of development is a new Mass Effect game being labeled as Mass […]


Mass Effect 4 Will Be ‘Shepard’-less

That’s right everyone – Shepard will not make it to Mass Effect 4 (or the equivalent name to the next game). In a recent interview, art and design producer Fabrice Condominas from BioWare Montreal, told VG247: “There is one thing we […]


Mass Effect Franchise Continues On, Bioware Working On New Next-Gen IP

With the conclusion of the trilogy of Mass Effect, many fans (including myself) have wondered…”What’s next for Mass Effect if anything?”. Today, via the Bioware blog, Aaryn Flynn Bioware General Manager announced some new details. “Executive Producer Casey Hudson and his […]