Mass Effect 4 Coming Late 2014 – Mid 2015 (Update)

Update 12/13/12: This is why we state it was a “mystery source” as now the Gamer Syndrome article that was posted was pulled today with the site stating:

 “This interview has been removed. The information provided previously by the author of this post was deemed to be obtained from an inaccurate source and NOT an official Bioware or EA interview response. We apologize for the inconvinience.”

So there we have it folks. If new information comes into the light, we will be here to share it with you. At least we do know that Mass Effect 4 is in development now.

Original Story

An unnamed Bioware dev gave Gamer Syndrome an interesting update on what the status of Mass Effect 4. This mystery source states that:

“Fans can expect a similar style of choices and action that they’ve come to know in Mass Effect. Casey Hudson is very much involved in the new Mass Effect game, as well as many from Edmonton. BioWare Montreal is a great studio and they did fantastic with the multiplayer for Mass Effect 3, so fans should know the series is in good hands,” they said.

“You’ll hear more about the new Mass Effect game in 2013.”

So, we are pretty sure that this game will definitely be next-gen and almost 100% that it will run on the Frostbite 2 engine – which was created for Dragon Age 3.

I’m personally hoping that they let you pick from different races then have the storyline alter depending on what race you pick. I can dream, but regardless: I’m ready for Mass Effect 4, Dragon Age 3, and the next generation to get here! What would you all like to see implemented in the next iteration of Mass Effect? Please don’t say competitive multiplayer…please!

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