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Microsoft cancels Fable Legends and proposes closing Lionhead Studios

Microsoft dropped a bomb today when they announced that one of their more ambitious studios is proposed to be closed in the near future. Lionhead studios, made popular by the Fable and Black & White series has been working on their next […]


Fable Anniversary Announced For Holiday Season 2013

Probably one of my favorite Microsoft exclusive franchises ever is Fable. I know that many fans of the original game weren’t as pleased with the two sequels, a Kinect game, and Peter Molyneux’s “promises”. Regardless of that, the first Fable […]


Fable: The Journey Demo Hits The Xbox Marketplace Today

Fable: The Journey has been under fire from the start of its announcement with Kinect. I’ll be the first to say I was skeptical at first. I think as gamers we haven’t had those “core games” brought to Kinect the […]