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Evolve Developer Refers To Game As ‘DLC Shit Show’, Will Be Taking A New Direction

Is Turtle Rock Studio’s 4 Vs 1 shooter Evolve even a blip on the radar of gaming’s collective attention span? Perhaps that is why the co-founder of the studio referred to the game as a ‘DLC shit storm’ in a […]


Sony PlayStation Store Holiday Sale On Now

Sony’s annual Holiday Sale is usually awaited with baited breath by the PlayStation community. It is in these final few weeks leading up the holidays that we can sometimes find some fantastic deals on digital games. This week marks the […]


Holiday Weekend Sales Give Us All A Reason To Stay In-Doors & Game

All of our American editors are enjoying their time with family over the holiday weekends. As countless people are traveling across the continent to see family members and love ones that they may not have shared physical space together in […]


Join Your Friends Or Be The Monster In Evolve

Evolve, released today, is a five person multiplayer experience. It pits four Hunter human players against another player who is playing as a hulking monster. You’re not alone however and both sides can power up from killing the wildlife in […]