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Humble Capcom Bundle Launched

You better have your shoryuken memorized because this latest Humble Bundle is sure to land a dragon punch on you if you are not prepared for it. The Humble Capcom Bundle includes a number of different titles from several classic […]


Sony Holiday Showcase: Our Brief Time With DMC Devil May Cry

Ninja Thoery’s take on DMC has been quite polarizing given Capcom’s decision to reboot the franchise. After playing through a full tutorial and boss fight I can say with certainty that Dante’s form may have changed but he is bringing all of the style and sass […]


DmC: Devil May Cry Trailer Shows Off Boss Fights

The rebirth of Dante did have me worried at first. Well, all that worry has vanished because DmC: Devil May Cry is looking amazing. This video, from the PAX 2012 gaming conference, shows of Bob Barbas boss fight and the […]