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Great Holiday Giveaway Day 4: Crusader Kings 2

Posted on December 28, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

Our Great Holiday Giveaway continues with your chance to win one of three copies of Crusader Kings 2, courtesy of Paradox Interactive, the game’s publisher!

This game features a storyline spanning over 400 years of medieval European history! In order to secure the future of your dynasty you must not online recruit forces but also protect religious interests as well. You’ll have to not only deal with political intrigue but also the military might of other empires.

To win one of these 3 codes simply @BrokenJoysticks on twitter, like us on Facebook (and message us) or email contests@brokenjoysticks.net. We’ll choose three winners like we have the past few days.

Note: * These codes were provided either by developers or Broken Joysticks staff. Please consider them a gift and they carry no retail value. Contest eligibility: You must have a working twitter facebook or email account. If you use social media we ask that you are following us in order to be considered for the giveaway. Winners will be included in the following days post and the deadline is midnight Eastern Standard time, at that time codes will be sent out.


Hearts of Iron 3: Their Finest Hour Contest

Posted on October 17, 2012 by Daniel Shannon

Monty, Broken Joysticks’ official wargaming bulldog, has just secured some copies of the latest HOI 3 expansion, Their Finest Hour, to giveaway to our readers. I understand that his meticulous planning allowed him to succeed in an amphibious landing near Stockholm where, after a visit to the Vasa, he liberated some Steam codes from Paradox Interactive.

We have 7 steam codes for Their Finest Hour and 5 steam codes for The Hearts of Iron 3 Collection (which includes the base game and expansions needed to play the game). Monty also scored two copies of Crusader Kings 2. This sounds like a good excuse for a contest.

One of the new features in their Finest Hour (or at least new to HOI3) is the ability for your commanders to gain traits through combat. In order to enter our contest tell us (in the comments) what trait you deserve and why. For instance you could claim the right to be a Ranger because you are really into Lord of the Rings cosplay. The winners will be announced on Monday. You may see a full list of the leader traits after the jump.Read More


Crusader Kings 2: Sword of Islam DLC Announced

Posted on May 30, 2012 by Daniel Shannon

Paradox Interactive has just announced the Sword of Islam DLC for Crusader Kings 2. The main selling point of this DLC is that, for the first time in the history of the series, you’ll be able to play an Islamic dynasty. Finally, you can experience building up a powerful dynasty (only to see it crushed by the Mongols) from an Islamic perspective. Paradox hasn’t released many details about how the Muslims will play differently than European Christians, but the latest developer diary promises “lots of specific new mechanics for the Muslims, creating a whole new experience for the player, where laws, marriage, holdings, traits, titles and more work entirely different.”

This DLC will come out alongside the 1.06 patch for the game which adds new features like “ an expansion of the map into Mali-Songhay, differentiation on strong and weak claims, new plot,” and a more in-depth combat system. You can watch a trailer for the Sword of Islam DLC after the jump.Read More


Crusader Kings 2 Giveaway

Posted on May 10, 2012 by Daniel Shannon

Today we’re going to give away three copies of Crusader Kings 2, the grand strategy game that focuses as much on family drama as it does on conquest, managing vassals, and painting the map your [county, duchy, kingdom,Empire]’s color. The codes, provided by Paradox interactive, will be posted either on our twitter, in our articles, or on our steam group. This comes on top of whatever we’re giving out on Facebook today. Read on for instructions on how to activate the code on Steam and a brief After Action Report of my latest game of Crusader Kings 2.

Read More


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