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Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets Patched…

…but it still won’t change that Metacritic score, unfortunately for Gearbox and Aliens fans. Probably one of the worst received games in recent times, Aliens: Colonial Marines certainly has had a dismal start. But at least Gearbox is still supporting […]


Aliens: Colonial Marines Pre-Order Trailer

Looking for an idea for you significant other to get you for Valentine’s Day? Well, Randy Pitchford & the team at Gearbox Software have the perfect gift for you to give (or get). Aliens: Colonial Marines – which will hit stores […]


Aliens Colonial Marines Delayed Until 2013

Interest in the Aliens franchise has peaked in recent weeks with the release of Ridly Scott’s in-universe prequel Prometheus only a few short weeks. It looks like the next big project involving the franchise, Gearbox Studio’s Aliens Colonial Marines, won’t […]