July 12, 2016

Knucles gets shattered in Sonic Universe #87

Posted on July 12, 2016 by Jason Nason

sonic_universe_087_coverSONIC UNIVERSE #87

Knock knock, it’s KNUCKLES in “Shattered” Part One: A brand new adventure starring Knuckles and Amy Rose begins here! It’s a race against time to find the final Master Emerald shards before Sonic restores the shattered world! The final installment of Knuckles’s search, filled with dangers and mysteries, starts with this issue! Featuring cover art by the terrific Tracy Yardley plus an “& Knuckles” variant by CG artist supreme Rafa Knight!

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Adam Bryce Thomas, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli & Matt Herms
Cover: Tracy Yardley & Matt Herms
Variant Cover: Rafa Knight
On Sale Date: 7/13
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

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Supposed NVidia Geforce 1060 VS Radeon 480 Benchmarks Leak Ahead of Launch

Posted on July 12, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Nvidia’s latest  attempt to absolutely dominate the mid-range GPU market kicks off in one week, on July 19th the graphics card manufacturer will launch the Geforce 1060. Reviewers who have units are under NDA until launch day according to several other hardware blogs, but it appears that official benchmarks straight from team green have leaked ahead of the card’s release.  If the 1060 performs as well as these benchmarks imply will it be enough to stop the waves of hype / stock shortages created by the success of AMD’s Radeon RX 480?

*prepare your loads of salt to be taken before looking over these numbers*


Alright ready? These supposedly official benchmark compared an unspecified Geforce 1060 (presumably the 6GB model, but whether  any overclock settings were used is unknown) against the Radeon RX 480 and last generation’s Geforce 960.

In terms of games tested Nvidia selected 3 Direct X 12 titles – Forza Motorsport: Apex Beta, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Ashes of the Singularity.  Their selection of Direct X 11 titles gives a wider variety of benchmarks with 9 titles ranging from last year’s Star Wars: Battlefront & Crysis 3 from Electronic Arts to CD Projekt Red’s highly demanding The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

Forza Motorsport

How are the results? Well apparently the Geforce 1060 is faster than the Radeon RX 480 in every game tested aside from two – The Division and Fallout 4, where the scores was less than a 1% difference.

AMD’s Radeon 480 was unveiled last month and released on June 29th for $199 USD for the 4GB model and $249 USD for the 8GB model. Demand for these cards have been red hot for the past few weeks with shortages in places like Canada leading to retailers charging a premium on markets like Ebay and Amazon.  It could be a while before you can simply walk into a shop and pick up a 480 off the shelf.

Radeon _480

Here are the leaked benchmarks:




Do you think that hardware reviewers will find a huge difference between the Geforce 1060 and Radeon 480 when the NDA drops next week? As a Radeon 480 owner I’m interested to see what the competition brings to the table but I’ve already made my choice for my current-generation VR card.


New Overwatch Hero Revealed: ‘Ana Gameplay Trailer’

Posted on July 12, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Has all this excitement about a new Overwatch hero kept you in suspense?  If you were expecting ‘Sombra’, well you have a few seconds to be sad before it is revealed that Ana, Overwatch’s new medical sniper may in fact be Pharah’s mother!  Several hints are dropped during the trailer including the fact that it takes place on Temple of Anubis and also that Pharah is featured prominently in the trailer’s cast of supporting heroes.

In terms of abilities, Ana seems to be able to cast a damage reduction cool-down on friendly targets, she is also able to heal targets with a scoped snipe heal and it is possible that her ultimate is able to anesthetize enemy targets from long range.

No word yet on when we will get to play Ana, but as with all things Blizzard, I’m sure it will be a surprise. What do you think of Overwatch’s first post-launch addition? Let us know in the comments section!


Tumblestone lands on Wii U today

Posted on July 12, 2016 by Jason Nason

Completely reinventing the Match-3 genre, containing fast-paced action-puzzle multiplayer gameplay as well as a deep and cerebral single-player mode, Tumblestone arrives in the Wii U eShop today.

Tumblestone is being billed as the first original action-puzzle game of the past fifteen years. The game has the standard online and local multiplayer but also has a single player story mode. The story mode is said to boast a 40+ hour campaign that will test your puzzle-solving prowess. The game also features more than ten gameplay modifiers, challenge puzzles, and boss battles.

The gang here at Broken Joysticks held a Q&A with Tumblestone developer Ty Taylor, who was also a guest on the podcast Brokencast.

Check out a trailer for the game below, as well as some screens from the puzzler. In addition to the Wii U eShop, the game is also being released on the Xbox Live and on Steam today. Some last minute technical issues has delayted the PS4 digital release. While there is no price listed on Steam or PlayStation, the game is set to retail for $24.99 USD / $27.99 CAD in the Wii U eShop. The game will also be released in stores at a future date.




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