Injustice: Gods Among Us Version 1.06 Patch Notes

Posted on October 1, 2013 by Broken Joysticks

Probably a recurring question if you follow my Second Dimension: The Warriors Code interviews is the topic of patching fighters. On the 24th in the game’s official website, the notes for version 1.06 of Injustice: Gods Among Us was released and as usual, an inferno of praises and crying (mostly crying) soon followed. While usually I just list the changes and since today is the date for the patch’s release,  we got two returning people who to give us a better insight of the changes and their opinion on them, BIFU | Insaynne and EMP CDjr who you guys remember from their respective interviews.


General Changes/Fixes

  • DLC Characters now in Archives – DLC Characters are now available in the Character Viewer located in the Archives.
  • Offline Restart Match – From the pause menu of an offline versus match, you can now instantly restart the match.
  • Online Instant Rematch Option – You now have the option to rematch instantly or to rematch and select new characters/background after an online player match.
  • Interactive Object Sound Cues – You now have the option to turn on sound cues that will notify the players when either is within range of an Interactive Object. This option can be found in the Gameplay Settings menu.
  • King of the Hill Challenges – There is now a default KOTH challenge assigned to you.
  • Arena Select – Starting Arena Level choice is now randomized as well when a 2nd player chooses to select a stage.
  • Building Meter – Slightly reduced the amount of meter gain on specials that can be canceled.
  • Meter Refill in Practice – The super meter is now set to REFILL in practice mode.
  • Wall Bounce Interactive Objects – Improved the hit box on 3d Wall Bounce Interactions so that they will hit within a combo regardless of stance switch.
  • Directional Hard Attacks
  • – Applying a Meter Burn to Directional Hard (Back + Hard or Forward + Hard) Attacks now inflicts 50% more damage.
  • – You now take 50% less damage when hit during the armored portion of a Meter Burned directional Hard Attack.
  • Meter Burning Interactive Objects – It now costs 2 bars of Meter to apply Meter Burn properties to Interactive Objects.
  • Transition Damage – Adjusted Transition Damage across all arenas so that they are consistent with each other.
  • Frame Data Corrections – Multiple Frame Data Corrections.
  • Throw Immunity – Completely removed throw immunity from all projectile attacks. You can now throw opponents while they are throwing projectiles, regardless of character.
  • Input Buffering in Advanced Controls – After Blocking in Advanced Controls, you can now buffer special moves without resetting to a neutral position on the controller.
  • Projectile Hit Pauses – Removed the hit pause/screenshake from several projectiles when they hit the walls of arenas.
  • Meter Burning Through Interactive Object Damage – Fixed an issue where some Interactive Objects were still inflicting splash damage after the opponent armored through them.
  • Resetting Metropolis APC Gunner in Practice – You can now properly reset the APC gunner in practice mode in the Metropolis Street.

Kash: Anything in terms of the General Fixes/Changes that you guys think is a great addition?

Insaynne: Instant rematch has to be my favorite change to the game. I despised the long pauses in between games and it dragged out sets. Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Aside from that, I like the changes to meter usage in general. Before, the game allowed for very liberal meter use, now that MB interactable objects cost 2 bars instead of 1, it can’t be used as freely.

CDjr: I think that being able to rematch both offline and online it’s a good addition and should’ve been there from the beginning. I also like how some interactables were adjusted whether it was less damage or more seconds to respawn etc.

Kash: I remember an early issue was with stage selection. You think their method for random stage selection will be used or will the current method at tournaments stay?

Insaynne: I still feel like they should just add an actual “random stage selection” like SF4. But the stage selection method that they are implementing seems like it will be ok too.

CDjr: I agree, I think they should have just added a random option like in every other fighting game. But hey the new option is cool I guess.

Kash: Anything missing on this list in terms of general changes or anything here you don’t agree with?

Insaynne: Faster walk speed across the board would have been a great addition to the game. Aside from that I think it’s fine.

CDjr: Faster walk speed, faster walk speed and ummm yeah faster walk speed and better anti airs.


Arena Changes

  • Metropolis – Rooftop – Flying WASPs respawn rate increased to 8-12 seconds (previously 4-6 seconds)
  • Insurgency – Command Center – Slightly reduced velocity and collision sphere for splash damage when the overhead television monitors are thrown by power characters
  • Insurgency – Luthor’s Lab – Slightly reduced velocity and collision sphere for splash damage when the hanging lights are thrown by power characters
  • Insurgency – Luthor’s Lab – Slightly reduced velocity and collision sphere for splash damage when Braniac’s head is thrown by power characters
  • Fortress of Solitude – Laboratory – The Ship swing no longer has invulnerable frames for some power characters.

Kash:  Anything in terms of the Arena changes you like/dislike?

Insaynne: I feel like some other interactables could have been adjusted, such as the car on the left side in Wayne Manor, which had a very huge hitbox. But the ones that received changed were problematic.

CDjr: Lol I can’t believe they left the pig alone but whatever.

Kash: I thought by now the Arkham/Joker Asylum pig got nerfed. Is it still a problem or have players finally got around that?

Insaynne: I can’t speak for everyone but I don’t have that much of a problem with it anymore.

Kash: Jr why do I feel you’re burning a hole at the computer screen? lol

CDjr: That interactable shouldn’t be in the game period like others. And I have my reasons but you don’t want one question to have a 5 paragraphs long answer right?

Character Changes



– The cool down on the Water of Life (character power) has increased to 12 seconds (up from 9 seconds).

Kash: Everyone laughed at Aquaman’s inclusion and probably on purpose, the team at NRS made him good. What do we think about his trait nerf?

Insaynne: I can only really say that adding 3 seconds of recovery to his trait simply was not a big nerf at all. So to me he is untouched and I’m glad about that.

CDjr: I agree also, 3 seconds is really nothing, not really a nerf at all.



– Improved the hit box on the Divine Order (Medium, Medium) combo.
– It is no longer possible to interrupt his Annihilator super move after is has connected.
– You can now Meter Burn the Warp Transmission special move to improve the recovery time.
– By holding towards during the Front Warp Transmission, you will now teleport further away from your opponent.
– By holding away during the Behind Warp Transmission, you will now teleport away from your current position.

Unfortunately neither of our two guests could elaborate on how these changes will affect Ares



– Bane now takes 95%, 85%, 70% damage while in Venom Boost (character power) levels 1, 2, 3 respectively.
– Bane can now apply a Meter Burn to the Venom Uppercut when it misses the opponent or is blocked.
– During the Meter Burn Venom Uppercut, Bane no longer has extended armor after the move is complete.
– Improved hitbox on Infinite Crisis combo (Forward Medium, Down Hard) and it is now -8 on block (up from -32).

Kash: Bane is the least used of the big guys if I remember correctly. Think people will pick him up now?

Insaynne: I play against Bane a lot. And if people thought he wasn’t that strong of a character, maybe the damage reduction during venom, he didn’t necessarily need, in my opinion, will show them that he was a very good character already.

CDjr: Bane is actually a really good character and the buffs might only make him a little better or stay the same to be honest. Things is like many other character he just struggles against the top tiers that’s why a lot of people don’t use him.



– The size of her hurt box was slightly increased, meaning she will be vulnerable to a wider array of attacks.
– The ducking Light attack can now be parried correctly.
– The Bat-Wheel can no longer be ducked by certain characters.

Kash: I remember when Batgirl hit, everyone was going to pick her because of her infinite which got patched. How will Barbara fare with her changes?

Insaynne: Her changes do not change the core of her game play in anyway. Since she has a meterless vortex, she can benefit from the system change to the MB Back/Forward 3, which does 50% additional damage now. She’s definitely a problem.

CDjr: Lol in my opinion, I think Batgirl will be top 3 after the patch. She didn’t get nerfed  or buffed just a fix to her cartwheel and a normal hitbox. She has so many tools and can’t be zoned in a game where zoning and playing lame dominates.



– Mechanical Bats (Character Power) regeneration has been increased to 9 seconds (up from 6 seconds).
– Increased recovery time for the Stay Down combo (Back + Medium, Hard) when it is blocked or misses.
– Straight Grapple can now be evaded/parried by projectile-counter special moves.

Kash: Bruce Wayne was one of the few characters I saw fans pick since day one and surprisingly still around. I’m assuming due to his versatile playstyle. How is he going to do with his changes?

Insaynne: B23 was a staple string of Batman. Nerfing the recovery of this string definitely will hurt him a bit. Hopefully it isn’t too bad though, Bruce is a character I see very often but never get tired of watching.

CDjr: Well it depends how much recovery b23 is getting, if it isn’t that much then I don’t think it will really affect him. As for the 3 seconds more of recovery on each bat(trait) that can be a problem.

Black Adam


– Reduced duration of Orbs of Seth (Character Power) to 4.5 seconds and increased the cool down to 9 seconds (up from 7 seconds)
– Boot Stomp now has a block advantage of -21 (down from -15)
– Lightning Strike now only hits grounded opponents when performed outside of a combo.
– The Meter Burn version of the Lightning Strike is now -1 (down from +8)
– The Meter Burn version of Black Magic no longer conflicts with hard attack bounce/juggle limiting.
– Reduced the distance Black Adam covers when back-dashing
– Increased the duration of the back dash to 31 frames (up from 26)
– Increased the duration of the front dash to 18 frames (up from 16)
– Slightly increased the amount of damage scaling on combos.
– Fixed an issue where the Orbs of Seth were labeled UNBLOCKABLE during Practice mode when they hit Mid.
– Fixed an issue where Black Adam could stack two sets of the Orbs of Seth.
– Improved Hit Advantage on the Eye Of Horus combo (Back + Medium, Hard, Up, Medium)

Kash: Since the beginning of the patching, one of the few who avoided essentially everything was Black Adam. Do you think his giant change list is karma coming back to get him?

Insaynne: Well, Black Adam was slightly nerfed over time. There is one change that I do not agree with and that’s nerfing his dive kick yet again (-21 on block now). However, and some people may disagree, I feel like the rest were fixes to things that were limiting a lot of characters against him but I still think he will be a good character.

CDjr: He has actually been nerfed slightly before but the nerfs didn’t change his gameplay at all. Now? I think NRS went too far and nerfed him too much when the only nerf he need was the back dash and his trait. They nerfed other things that didn’t need to be nerfing like the lighting will which now affect his gameplay overall.



– The Meter Burn version of the Cat Dash now has two hits of armor.
– Both the High and Low Feline Evade now have 1 start up frame (down from 2).

Kash: I always forget Selena is in this game lol Seeing a good Catwoman is pretty rare. Considering she only got two changes, I take it she needed these tools?

Insaynne: I felt she was good. Great damage and a very tiny hurt box. Giving her more armor on the cat dash should prove to be helpful.

CDjr: I play my brothers Catwoman a lot and I already thought she was a great character now she will way better and harder to zone.



– Loosened the input requirements for his Grapple special moves when performed within a combo.
– The full activation time for the Repair Circuit (Character Power) health regeneration is now 2 seconds (down from 5 seconds) and regenerates double the amount of health.
– The cool down for the Repair Circuit is now 8 seconds (up from 3 seconds).
– Fixed an issue where you were unable to perform Cyborg’s Forward or Back Grapple from the down-back or down-forward position in Advanced Controls.

Kash: I played Cyborg a bit after his infinite got patched and I can say that his power had to be useless because I never got a chance to activate it and I could never grapple to save my life lol. This is something he needed, agreed?

Insaynne: He was never able to use his power for its entire duration, but now its going to be very good for him. He’s my second favorite character in the game so this makes me happy!

CDjr: Yeah performing the grapple move was a problem and hard to perform since the game came out and I’m glad they fixed that. Also I think it will be easier now to use his trait.



– The Enhanced Reflexes (character power) activation time has been reduced to 60 frames (down from 85 frames), lasts 3 seconds (down from 5 seconds), and has a cool down of 6 seconds (up from 3 seconds).
– Bullets fired during the Enhanced Reflexes character power now perform less damage.
– The Eye for an Eye super move now has 9 additional frames of armor.

Kash: Oh Deathstroke, I remember you being online all day and then you vanished lol. I still can’t tell if it was a nerf bat or nerf truck that hit Slade. What is your opinion on these changes for him?

Insaynne: I barely saw his power used so I didn’t quite understand why they nerfed it so much. Maybe NRS knew something we didn’t? Very interesting.

CDjr: He got nerfed because the online community complained so much. He was actually really cheap online though so I understand but overall he was a really good character and should’ve stayed the same.

Insaynne: That’s definitely possible.



– The meter burn version of his Venom special move now has two hits of armor.
– If Doomsday is hit into a 3D wall bounce while his Doom to All (Character Power) is active, the Interactive Object is no longer rendered useless for the rest of the match.

Kash: How much is there to say when it comes to Doomsday? Don’t know what else one could do to him.

Insaynne: Doomsday is great. Never stop rushing down. I wasn’t sure what change I personally would give him, but another hit of armor on Venom? Should be fun for Doomsday players.

CDjr: I honestly don’t know why he needed 2 hits of armor on ex shoulder charge because I never saw the move get beaten out with one hit of armor so why 2? Overall doomsday is fine and needs nothing else.

The Flash


– Improved the hit box on the Flying Uppercut special move.
– Slightly increased damage scaling.
– His crouching Medium attack now has a block advantage of -11 (down from +1) and has increased recovery frames when it misses.
– His Speed Zone super move now performs 34.5% damage (down from 38.5%)
– Fixed an issue that allowed Flash’s Flying Uppercut to pass through some characters without dealing any damage.
– Fixed an issue where interrupting the Time Loop (character power) would sometimes result in the background color staying corrupted.

Kash: Barry Allen. Man I don’t have to say anything, take the floor gentlemen.

Insaynne: Barry….So they fixed the glitch and hit box of flying uppercut, which used to pass through opponents for no apparent reason. And fixed up his damage scaling which I can’t deny was too much. Barry will be a very good character but may remain in the same spot he was in. A strong character with hard match ups. But Barry is always going to be number 1 in my heart though.

CDjr: I take Barry’s nerfs really personal not because I use him but because he is my favorite super hero but in my opinion not tournament viable in Injustice. Anyway now after the patch he will be top 15 at best. There are so many characters that can do everything he does with better normals, have projectiles, don’t need trait or meter to do big damage, and have an easier time getting in. #RIPBARRY

Green Arrow


– Now correctly enters a crouching state when firing low arrows.
– The Stinger special move now has a frame advantage of -13 (up from -25) and can now be Meter Burned when blocked for frame advantage.

Kash: All I know Green Arrow for is the same combo lol but I’m guessing these are just fixes right?

Insaynne: Not necessarily. being able to MB stinger on block is very good for green arrow, but his damage will still he lacking though.

CDjr: Well being able to MB his slide is good cause he can get in safely and begin able to duck over high projectiles while holding an arrow and ducking.

Green Lantern


– Removed a 2 frame OTG window after a Meter Burn version of the Lantern’s Might special move.

Kash: Both Green characters are really known for the same combos now that I think about it. How are we feeling with Hal Jordan?

Insaynne: Green Lantern is another untouched character that will benefit well from the MB changes. Very strong.

CDjr: Green Lantern will be the same in my opinion taking the OTG out will not really affect his gameplay , he still has great tools.

Harley Quinn


– The Single Shot (Down + Hard) now has a block advantage of -15 and results in a hard knockdown.
– The Take Aim (Back + Medium) attack has an improved hitbox.
– You can no longer interrupt the Mallet Bomb super move after it has connected.
– The Bag-O-Tricks now has an 8 second cool down period (up from 5 seconds).
– Aquaman can no longer use his Water of Life Character Power to escape the Mallet Bomb super move.

Kash: Harley is one of those characters I enjoy watching but I feel no one wants to put in the work with her.

Insaynne: I agree 100% she’s a very underrated character. Hopefully we get to see more of her

CDjr: Not much to say here really. If you really wanna see what she is capable off check salt face out, the best Harley player in the world. Harley in my opinion is the perfect upper mid tier character, lots of tools which none are op and an answer for everything.

Kash: Why did they up the cooldown for her character power? I remember it was fixed because it was bad before.

Insaynne: Her character power is one of those moves I’m extremely unfamiliar with. Maybe something was found that made it a lot better. Not sure.

CDjr: Because it’s random what she gets when she uses it I guess that’s why the cool down is better.



– The meter burn version of the Mace Charge will now autocorrect and force opponents to block in some instances where it could have previously been avoided by smaller characters.

Kash: Hawkgirl is my secondary. I feel she needs things but I wouldn’t know where to start.

Insaynne: She really just lacks mid screen damage. Being able to fly gives her the edge against a lot of characters. Her special moves are safe on block and she gets great mileage from MB specials. I don’t think she’s tapped yet. Great character that doesn’t get much play time.

CDjr: That’s my brothers secondary character and let me tell you she don’t need anything lol. Just fixes like when she does her downward ex ex mace from the air sometimes she recovers faster and sometimes she doesn’t on whiff. Besides that she is fine trust me.

The Joker


– The Acid Blossom now consistently has a block advantage of +5 regardless of stance switch.
– The Crowbar now has a block advantage of -4 (up from -25) and has a better hit advantage when Meter Burned.
– The Joker’s Wild (character power) High Parry now has 1 startup frame (down from 2) and the Low Parry now has 2 startup frames (down from 3).

Unfortunately neither of our two guests could elaborate on how these changes will affect The Joker

Killer Frost


– Successfully performing a Frostbite parry on an opponent’s armored attack will now remove the armor.

Kash: I remember people saying Killer Frost was one of the game’s best kept secret but I haven’t seen much of her after the patch.

Insaynne: Like Batgirl, she’s a vortex character, however I think Frost’s isn’t as strong as hers. But her game plan is, and still will be effective. She uses MB F3 often too so she will do more damage if it hits now.

CDjr: Killer frost still a really good character still top 10 IMO she is just boring to play. Her nerfs haven’t changed her gameplay at all and one slide can still mean death for your opponent.

Lex Luthor


– The Lex Probes will now always put the victim in hit stun when hitting inside of a combo.
– Charging the Lance Blasts will now result in significantly increased damage when they connect with the opponent.
– Overall hit box adjustments to make combos more consistent.
– Aquaman can no longer use his Water of Life character power to escape Lex’s super move after it connects.

Kash: Lex Luthor is one of the most well known villains yet he’s not all that known to be viable lol

Insaynne: He’s very viable. And will be even more viable with the nerfs to some characters. He just has a higher learning curve than most other characters. I think he got some of what he needed with that alone.

CDjr: Lex is very good just takes time to master him and had problematic match ups. But with some character getting nerfed and him getting some decent buffs he will only get better.



– The Hook Charge special move now hits as an overhead, has an improved startup of 13 frames (down from 16), and has improved viability as a wakeup attack.
– The Meter Burn version of the Hook Charge now has 2 hits of armor.
– Now loads two rounds for his Nuclear Shells character power (up from 1).
– All Pump Shot blasts now have extended reach when Nuclear Shells are loaded.
– When a Nuclear Shell is loaded, the 2nd Meter Burn Pump Shot blast will have significantly increased damage.
– The Main Man super move now hits the opponent overhead.

Kash: Lobo was barely used even though he was heavily requested, a usual trait in requested fighters in games. How you think this update will help?
CDjr: With all the buffs he is getting I think it’s safe to say that we will see more Lobo players and he can potentially be top 10. His buff addressed most of his problems in my opinion.

Insaynne was unable to give his opinion on Lobo’s changes.

Martian Manhunter


– The Downward Phase Assault now can now hit opponents who are higher in the air.
– The Light to the Light (Back+ Light, Hard) combo no longer results in a hard knockdown.
– Martian Manhunter now has less Frame Advantage after performing a Forward Throw.
– Martian Manhunter is now properly pushed out of the corner when performing throws.

Kash: Another heavily requested character who made it in. I haven’t heard much on how he stood up in game upon release but how is this pach going to help?
CDjr: He will be the best character in the game after the patch I don’t know how NRS left him the same.

Insaynne was unable to give his opinion on Martian Manhunter’s changes.


nightwing-injustice (1)

– The last hit of Staff Spin when meter burned will now hit smaller characters.

Kash: I remember twitter went crazy over Nightwing avoiding nerfs. I take it Dick Grayson is putting in a ton of work?

Insaynne: He’s not putting in enough work. This character is crazy! But I think because he was underused he dodged a bullet. Lol

CDjr: Lol I’m so glad no one used him so he won’t get nerfed now I can give everyone the Dick…….Grayson after the patch :p



– Corrected an issue where some combos were doubling their damage scaling.
– Adjusted the hit box on the Gravedigger (Medium, Up + Hard) combo to hit all crouching opponents.
– The Gravedigger (Medium, Up + Hard) combo now has a block advantage of -1 (down from +5).
– The Bloody Spear can now be evaded/parried by projectile-counter special moves.
– Fixed an issue where using the Bloody Spear vs Aquaman while in his Water of Life character power would result in Scorpion getting knocked down.
– Fixed an issue where Scorpion’s Teleport Punch would pass through opponents who are in a state where they cannot be repelled.

Kash: The man everyone hated lol. Unlike Freddy in Mortal Kombat, no one was really happy with Scorpion’s inclusion. He then received a nerf truck full of nerfs. How will these changes affect him now?
CDjr: Well honestly he just straight doesn’t belong in this engine lol I don’t have much to say about the character. I still think he is good and tournament viable.

Insaynne was unable to give his opinion on Scorpion’s changes.



– Increased the damage on the regular and Meter Burn versions of his Herculean Might and Achilles Clutch command grabs while also slightly improving the hit boxes.
– The Mighty Charge (Back + Medium, Hard) Combo now pops up to allow for juggle combos.
– Increased the damage output for both the Atlas Torpedo and the Bolt of Zeus.
– Increased the amount of block damage on his Hook Kick (Hard Attack).
– Solomon’s Judgment (Character Power) now has proper damage scaling.

Kash: Shazam: My favorite character who NRS seem to dislike. We talked a bit on him on twitter but what are you foreseeing for Billy?

CDjr: He will still suck after the patch, Kash I’m sorry for giving you hope. That launcher doesn’t mean anything because the string it self is punishable on block while other characters have launchers that are safe on block or even + lol.

Insaynne was unable to give his opinion on Shazam’s changes.



– The Lost Will (Back + Light, Medium) combo now hits Mid.

Kash: While I recover from your horrible news, the zoning ring wearer for Injustice. How is Sinestro looking?
CDjr: Lol. Now Sinestro is the only character that is really catching my attention these days. B12 hitting mid now will only make him scarier. Safe vortex, really good zoning, perfect anti air, good walk speed(surprisingly), good damage, and best trait in the game when activated free.

Insaynne was unable to give his opinion on Sinestro’s changes.

Solomon Grundy


– The Pain Chain (Character Power) can no longer be parried.
– Increased the damage on both the regular and Meter Burn versions of Grundy’s Grave Rot Special Attack.

Kash: I’m not going to lie, when I first played this game I hated fighting Grundy. He was like Hulk with better tools lol.

Insaynne: A grappler with great mobility, damage and armored moves. I don’t think I need to say anymore. He’s unchanged for the most part and will remain a threat.

CDjr: I think Grundy is actually really good but suffers from the same thing other good character do. Lose to all the top tiers but that will change after the patch.



– The Meter Burn version of the Flying Punch now has 2 hits of armor.
– Increased the amount of damage scaling on some combos.
– The Kryptonian Smash Super Move now has 5 frames of startup (up from 2) and is now a Mid attack.
– The Ground and Air Heat Vision attacks now have additional recovery frames.
– Slight hit box adjustment to the Cross Swipe (Toward + Medium) attack.
– Increased the amount of damage scaling after using the Heat Zap special move.

Kash: It’s been a long time to get to this spot. The one man who makes anyone cry at tournaments, Superman lol I was honestly expecting a Scorpion and Deathstroke style nerf barrage.

Insaynne: Superman, in my opinion which people may disagree with, was not the best in the game, and not any person can win with him. He didn’t deserve a ton of nerfs, but let’s see how much the super nerf and the F2 nerf hurt him.

CDjr: Superman will still be top 5 that’s all I gotta say. Still has otgs, f2 was SLIGHTLY changed, heat zap still builds lots of meter etc.

Wonder Woman


– In Sword Stance, her Directional Hard attack is no longer able to be clashed.

Kash: Anything in regards to Wonder Woman?

Insaynne: Wonder Woman is a great and fun character. She almost never used meter in combos so having MB B3. Will add more damage to her already 40% meterless combos.

CDjr: Really good character with a lot of tools but a little overrated. She had gaps that no one is exposing and has a really hard time getting in on some characters. And sadly most of those characters are top tiers.



– Activating Sargon’s Hat Stance (Character Power) no longer forces the end of a ground combo.
– Loosened the input requirements of her Teleport moves.
– You can now only cancel her Levitate twice during a ground combo.
– The Meter Burn version of her Fire Kiss can no longer be ducked by certain characters.
– Catwoman and Wonder Woman can no longer parry her Ground Magic special move (in Sargon’s Hat Stance) while standing.
– Reduced the start up frames of her ducking Medium attack to 8 (down from 10)
– Reduce the start up frames of her jumping Light attack to 6 (down from 8).
– The Master Puppet special move now works correctly online.
– Increased the size of the hitbox on the second hit of her Multi Kick special move so that some characters can no longer duck under it.
– Fixed an issue that allowed you to perform an infinite combo with Zatanna on larger characters.

Unfortunately neither of our two guests could elaborate on how these changes will affect Zatanna



– The Phantom Wraith (Character Power) Slash can no longer be parried.
– Phantom Wraith attacks now have proper damage scaling.
– Fixed an issue where missing an opponent with the Phantom Wraith grab would result in undesirable effects.
– The (Air) Zod Charge now has 6 startup frames (up from 1).
– The Low Punch (Down + Light) and I Always Win (down+light, Medium) combo no longer result in a hard knockdown.
– Improved the hit box on the Fallen Kryptonian (Toward + Medium, Light) combo.

Kash: Zod had a glitch upon being introduced and even after the fix, I heard another was found but slightly harder. Outside of glitches though I hear Zod is a really solid character. How is this patch going to affect him.

CDjr: Zod is a very strong character and we will see more of him now that they removed the glitch from the game.

Insaynne was unable to give his opinion on Zod’s changes.


Kash: One character however received nothing which is Raven. If you could give/take away something for her, what would we see?

Insaynne: Her limbs are slow. I would have liked to see faster buttons.

CDjr: I honestly don’t know what to give or take from her. She seems so balanced to me.


Kash: While we don’t know for sure what these changes will do as people play differently, what is your estimated top 5 characters and bottom 5 characters?

Insaynne: Bottom 5 I have no clear cut characters yet. Top 5 however, I still feel that Aquaman will be the best in the game, there are too many runner ups right now for the next 4 spots. Characters such as Bane, Batgirl, Nightwing, Cyborg, and more are definitely characters to look out for.

CDjr: Don’t know who will be bottom 5 either but I’m almost 100% sure that Martian Manhunter and Aquaman will be top 2 then following behind will be Batgirl, Superman and Batman/Sinestro.

Kash: That’s it for the Injustice patch talk, as during the interviews if you have any questions for Insaynne or CDjr you can follow them on twitter and they’ll answer. Enjoy version 1.06 of Injustice: Gods Among Us that is out right now. See you guys online ( ͡° ^ ͡°)7

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