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Panzers assemble for latest Ironfront Trailer

Deep Silver has just released a new trailer for X1 Software/AWAR’s upcoming tactical shooter Iron Front- Liberation 1944. The new trailer focuses on the might of German panzertruppen. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t include any footage of tank battles, which I suppose makes it softcore tank porn. Still, there are some impressive looking tanks rolling about. […]


Hitler’s Dog to play a major role in Iron Front

Deep Silver has just announced a novel multiplayer mode for X1 Software/AWAR’s upcoming WW2 tactical shooter Iron Front: Liberation 1944. The new mode, named “Assassinate the Blondie,” tasks two Soviet players with the job of killing Blondi, Hitler’s ever loyal German Shepherd. Two German players will naturally have to protect their Führer’s beloved pet. Doubtlessly, […]


Iron Front – Liberation 1944 Wehrmacht screens released

Last week Deep Silver and X1 Software/AWAR released some Soviet themed screenshots from their upcoming tactical shooter Iron Front – Liberation 1944. This week they’ve released some screenshots depicting the other side of the coin: the Wehrmacht. If you feel the need to put the hurt on some Bolsheviks, then you can pick this game […]


Iron Front – Liberation 1944 Screens Released

Deep Silver and X1 Software/AWAR just released new screenshots from their upcoming tactical shooter Iron Front – Liberation 1944. The pictures showcase the Red Army, which is appropriate for a game set during the great Soviet summer offensive of 1944. Iron Front comes out on the 25th of this month, in the meantime you can […]

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