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Free To Play ‘Secret World: Legends’ Launches on June 26th

Funcom’s revamped version of 2012’s The Secret World, called The Secret World: Legends, will re-launch on Steam on June 26th.  Originally released as a traditional ‘WOW like’ MMORPG in 2012, The Secret World: Legends tells the tale of a conspiracy […]


The Secret World Ditches MMO Genre & Resets Servers, Community Rages

Funcom has been in the news recently thanks to the success of Conan Exhiles and how that titles literally saved them from bankruptcy but the developer / publisher isn’t busy enjoying “what’s best in life” because they’ve massively upset the […]


My First Two Hours of The Secret World

The Secret World is currently doing closed beta weekends, and somehow I got invited. Actually, the email doesn’t even say what I did to get sent a code, but hey, here we are. What follows is my liveblog of what […]


Pre-Order The Secret World And Gain Access To Beta & Headstart

Funcom’s long in development MMORPG The Secret World hopes to spook a whole new audience with the announcement of pre-order Beta access and early access to the final game. Pre-orders will be able to gain access to the game 4 […]