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Star Wars the Old Republic is Still Alive

Remember Star Wars the Old Republic? The now free to play BioWare MMO that was the successor to Knights of the Old Republic, but lacked all of its charm, story and fun? Well, I do. That game actually soured me […]


What Rae’s Been Playing This Week [10.07.2015]

This week has been pretty huge for games and it’s only Tuesday evening here on the west coast. I’ve got two reviews in progress – Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax and RockBand 4- both of which I will be digging into […]


Star Wars: The Old Republic Adds Free Accounts Nov. 15th

Like many MMO’s lately, Star Wars: The Old Republic is adding a limited free account to the subscription based game. Some content is restricted or closed off entirely, but if you’re eager to see what The Old Republic is all […]


Star Wars the Old Republic Already In Decline

Star Wars: The Old Republic might already be on the downslide. A new analyst report from Cowen and Company has is suggesting that the ambitious new MMO has been facing a decline in subscriptions, with a peak of 1.7 million […]