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The Last Guardian | Review

At long last, The Last Guardian has arrived at us after a long, patient wait. This game – brought to us by genDESIGN and SCI Japan Studio has faced many challenges in getting to the public, but thanks to the […]


Sony Opens It’s Conference With Proof That The Last Guardian Is Real

Sony took the opportunity to open it’s E3 2015 press conference with a nearly 7 minute demonstration of The Last Guardian. During the gameplay demo we see the giant dog-bird creature in all of its majesty cross platforms and make […]


Is it Possible To Care About The Last Guardian After a 6 Yr Absence?

Rumors abound about the possibility of The Last Guardian making an appearance at Sony’s upcoming E3 press conference and all I have to ask is: Does anyone really care about this title anymore?  Even if Sony were to re-reveal the […]