Is it Possible To Care About The Last Guardian After a 6 Yr Absence?

Rumors abound about the possibility of The Last Guardian making an appearance at Sony’s upcoming E3 press conference and all I have to ask is: Does anyone really care about this title anymore?  Even if Sony were to re-reveal the long dormant game can any showing live to the expectations that longtime fans have built up throughout all of the vaporware memes and denials of cancellations?

This is a game that has been in development since 2007 and was announced at E3 2009 when the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were hitting their stride in terms of quality software and consumer awareness. Despite Sony’s relative PR silence regarding TLG, save for statements that the title is still “under development”, a very dedicated and vocal segment of Sony’s fan base have clung to the game leveraging Team Ico’s previous games Shadow of the Colossus and Ico as proof that they can deliver quality titles. At some point I think we have to face we reality: This game was announced an entire hardware generation ago and the developer’s last released original title was released TEN YEARS AGO!

Even if Team Ico has been able to overcome whatever technical & design limitations that were preventing them from releasing TLG on PlayStation 3 outside of the Sony faithful that have been hanging on for the last half decade will The Last Guardian actually make an impact with console owners who have never heard of this game, let alone played one of Team Ico’s other major releases?

One thing is for certain: If TLG has been resurrected it certainly will have shifted platforms to the PlayStation 4 and certainly won’t make it out this year. If the game was in a state for Sony to deliver this much anticipated title in 2015, who knows how long we will have to wait before we are actually playing it.

All jests aside, I don’t want to wait for E3 2020 to roll around before I can get my hands on the Last Guardian. Maybe it’s time all just put this dream to rest… it’s not coming and even if it is announced at E3 this year chances are high The Last Guardian won’t ever meet our expectations.

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