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Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle | Review (Nintendo Switch)

ARC Systemwork’s latest multiplatform fighting game is a dream matchup more than half a decade in the making as the cast of ARC’s Blazblue square off against the protagonists of Persona 4: Ultimax. Joining the fray as well are several […]


Sega Purchases Index Corp, Owners of Atlus, For $141M

Index Corp, the troubled owner of third party publisher Atlus, has agreed to sell off their stake in the popular company to SEGA for the equivalent of $141 million dollars. Should everything go well the newly formed Sega Dream Corporation […]


Persona 4 Arena Character Move Videos

Atlus have released a series of short one minute tutorial videos for upcoming fighter Persona 4: Arena. These videos showcase some basic moves for each character -you’ve got your charged, heavy and air attacks naturally, but they also showcase some […]