Level 5

Youkai Watch Coming to the 3DS from Level 5

Level 5 unveiled a trailer for their upcoming game Youkai Watch at the 2013 Winter World Hobby Fair. The Nintendo 3DS RPG looks beautiful with full animations in the battles that look like they’re right from a television show, which is likely to air alongside the game’s release. A manga series is also in the works as well.

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TGS: It’s a Fantasy Life

Level 5 showed off a new trailer to their upcoming game Fantasy Life today at the Tokyo Game Show. The game, which began development three years ago for the Nintendo DS, will finally be released in December for the 3DS. The game looks a lot like Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, except that it feels like this could have been the next evolution of the Animal Crossing series. This is how the AC games could have evolved and progressed.

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