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Square Enix Ends Its Business With Hitman Developer IO Interactive

Square Enix included a statement in its’ recent year-end financial report that the publisher will be seeking to end its’ business relationship with Hitman creators IO Interactive. In their brief statement that accompanied their financial report Square says that they […]


Beta Report: Hitman on PlayStation 4

Square Enix’s closed beta for their upcoming next generation Hitman title went live over the weekend and I got the chance to play around with the game on PlayStation 4 over the last couple of nights. Fans are calling 2016’s […]


Hitman: Absolution Video: Dynamic Audio

Just a quick news post to highlight a video sent to my inbox this morning by our contacts at Square Enix.  Called “Dynamic Audio,” this clip emphasizes the work that goes into creating the aural mood in a game like […]


Hitman: Absolution | Introducing The Kill

IO Interactive, developers of Hitman: Absolution, have released another “INTRODUCING” video, this time showing all of us the multifarious ways in which we can dispatch our targets.  True to the assassin’s code, killing is very easy, but the rub is […]


18 Minutes Of Hitman: Absolution Contracts Gameplay Trailer

Most of us were a bit worried when multiplayer was announced for Hitman: Absolution. Let’s face it, some games are meant to remain single player. But that decision for Hitman: Absolution is not mine to make for you…you can make […]


Voice Actor Chosen for Agent 47

In a move that might surprise those who have been following the title closely, Square Enix have announced that David Bateson is going to reprise his role as Agent 47 in the upcoming Hitman: Absolution.  Originally the publisher had declared […]