Hitman: Absolution | Introducing The Kill

Posted on October 4, 2012 by Jesse Lord

IO Interactive, developers of Hitman: Absolution, have released another “INTRODUCING” video, this time showing all of us the multifarious ways in which we can dispatch our targets.  True to the assassin’s code, killing is very easy, but the rub is getting away without being found or accused.  Some people might like going in guns-blazing and leaving no one left to ask questions or make accusations, but others might like making things look like an accident.  Perhaps others would take a complete stealth approach, getting alone with the target, relieving him or her of their life and disposing of the body so no one is the wiser.  But enough from me right now – here’s the video:

[youtube id=”QXjC8w1ksqk” width=”600″ height=”338″]

I remember playing past Hitman games, how amazing it was to take completely different approaches to the same level.  In a few titles I’d spend my first week with the game completely dissecting the first level, finding the stealthiest way to go about things, and also finding out how to best arm myself to run and gun throughout, leaving only bullet-riddled corpses in my wake.

To say I am excited for this title would be a gross understatement.  How about you?  When this comes out on November 20th, in the midst of an already-busy fall game season, will you have time for it in your life?

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