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Check Out The Evolution of Half-Life 2’s Prison In This Video Compilation

It is well known that the story, environment and even characters of Valve’s classic shooter Half-Life 2 went through many different iterations during the game’s five year development.  YouTube user TalonBrave.info have taken it upon themselves to chronicle the many different changes […]


Fan Made Half-Life 2 Campaign Given The Seal of Approval From Valve

While some fans have spent the time between iterations of the Half-Life series speculating about potential leaks and other tidbits others have used this time to create their own original content set in the Half-Life universe. One such stand-alone game […]


Half Life 2’s “Return To Ravenholm” Episode Resurfaces

Did you know that Valve once worked with Dishonored developers Arkane on an expansion for Half Life 2 titled Return To Ravenholm? The project was cancelled over four years ago and was only acknowledged  by Valve staff last January, but […]


Half Life 2 Voted “Game of the Decade”

Valve’s Half Life 2 has been impressing us for the past eight years. It is hard to believe that such a ground breaking, and arguably still impressive, game was released almost a decade ago. Well, Spike TV and Entertainment Weekly […]