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Fans Worry That Hard Reset Redux’s Graphics Have Been Downgraded

Flying Wild Hog’s upgraded and augmented version of their 2012 FPS Hard Reset hits Steam and other digital distribution platforms today but some fans are already scrutinizing the game.  Complaints have included accusations of blurry textures, missing lighting effects, ambient occlusion […]


Twilight Princess HD: GameCube Vs. Remake Trailer

How does a game originally designed for hardware released nearly fifteen years ago fair against an updated version built for modern hardware? This is the question that the latest trailer for Twilight Princess HD asks as the Wii U and […]


Which Driving Game Has The Best Graphics On PlayStation 4?

Trick question: Which racing game on the PlayStation 4 has the best graphics? This is a question that might not have an actual quantifiable answer. Do you prefer the street racing neon infused style of the 2015 reboot of Need […]