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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Beta goes Live

Bohemia Interactive has just opened up its “play and contribute” beta for people who pre-order Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. The game is a remake of Carrier Command, a vehicle simulation/RTS hybrid from 1988. Further details from the press release follow the video.

[youtube id=”q3SL6HoaDs8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

To play & contribute, enthusiasts are asked to visit Bohemia Interactive’s and seize the regular Carrier Command: Gaea Mission P&C (19.99 EUR) or the premium Carrier Command: Gaea Mission P&C Supporter (39.99 EUR) deal. The former includes a free digital copy of the full-final game upon release. P&C Supporters will – as a sign of appreciation for their total assistance in the game’s development – receive a full-final copy from and Steam, plus the digital Gaea Universe soundtrack (composed by BAFTA winner Troels Brun Folmann). Both offers are available for a limited time.

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