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Call of Duty World League Final Groups Unveiled

Posted on August 15, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Activision has revealed the final 32 teams that will face off in 17 days at Call of Duty XP for the finale of the Call of Duty: World League, which began earlier this year. Some of these teams faced off this past weekend in a mini-event to fight for the right to partake in day one of the three day tournament.

What is up for grabs at the Call of Duty: World Leagues? More than $3 million dollars have been up for grabs during the World League and Activision is promising that the prize pool for this final bracket will be the largest in franchise history.


Call of Duty XP will take place on September 2nd through the 4th and will be the public’s first chance to try out November’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s multiplayer component. Also playable at the XP event will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered‘s multiplayer and the fourth downloadable expansion for COD: Black Ops III. More details about COD XP in Los Angeles is available on their official website.

Fans not able to attend Call of Duty: XP will be able to watch live coverage of the World League finale through MLG.TV and the live feed option in the PS4 version of Black Ops III.

Here is the full rundown of competing teams for the World League finale:


  • Millenium (EU)
  • Splyce (EU)
  • Livin the Dream (NA)
  • Revoltables (EU)


  • Rise Nation (NA)
  • HyperGames (EU)
  • Apotheon eSports (NA)
  • Supremacy (EU)


Black Ops 3_MP_Battle at Ruhanga_WM

  • Luminosity (NA)
  • Mindfreak (ANZ)
  • FAB Games (EU)
  • Chiefs eSports Club (ANZ)


  • Ground Zero (NA)
  • Allegiance (NA)
  • Epsilon eSports (EU)
  • PuLse Gaming (EU)


  • FaZe Clan (NA)
  • Team eLevate (NA)
  • Corn (NA)
  • Giants Gaming (EU)



  • Team Infused (EU)
  • Team Kaliber (NA)
  • Most Wanted (NA)
  • Tainted Minds (ANZ)


  • Team EnVyUs (NA)
  • Orbit (ANZ)
  • Cloud9 (NA)
  • Team Vitality (EU)


  • OpTic Gaming (NA)
  • compLexity (NA)
  • PNDA Gaming (NA)
  • Team LDLC (EU)


Call of Duty: World League Kicks Off Today With International Events

Posted on January 12, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Call of Duty World League

Today marks the start of the first season for the Call of Duty: World League, Activision’s brand new international e-sports ladder for the Call of Duty franchise.  For the next 11 weeks teams from all over the world will battle it out in a series of “Best of Five Matches” in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The current slate of matches will culminate in regional LAN events to determine who will enter the first stage of the CWL this March.

Live streams will be available today and tomorrow for three different regions: North America, Europe and Australia / New Zealand. Each region also have their own team of commentators who will be calling each match for viewers.

You can watch all of the matches today and tomorrow on Activision’s official website. Here’s the full line-up for the next two days including times and casters:

North America

Tuesday, Jan. 12: 3pm PST

Wednesday, Jan. 133pm PST





Tuesday, Jan. 12: 4pm CET

Wednesday, Jan. 134pm CET




Clint “Maven” Evans

Matt “MrX” Morello

John “Revan” Boble

Jack “Courage” Dunlop



Philip “momo” Whitfield

Alex “Machine” Richardson




Australia & New Zealand

Tuesday, Jan. 12: 6pm AEDT  (11pm PST Jan 11)


Wednesday, Jan. 136pm AEDT (11pm PSTJ an 12 )


Joshua “Inmaniac” Inman

Michael “Myksta” Evidis



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