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Layoffs Rock Activision’s Guitar Hero & Skylanders Franchises

Yesterday was no party for the folks who work hard on Activision’s long running Guitar Hero and Skylanders franchises. As first reported by game informer via an anonymous source, it appears that the layoffs have specifically affected the development staff […]


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Swings In

The Amazing Spider-Man is set to make his return to video game consoles via developer Beenox and publisher Activision this year. Historically, I personally believe that Beenox has done an outstanding job with the Spider-Man games. They are looking to continue this trend […]


The Amazing Spider-Man Web Rush Trailer

Beenox’s latest Spider-Man game, a film tie-in for Sony’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man, has a brand new trailer highlighting one of the new mechanics – the Web Rush. Web Rush allows you to slow down time and make split second […]