The Amazing Spider-Man Web Rush Trailer

Beenox’s latest Spider-Man game, a film tie-in for Sony’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man, has a brand new trailer highlighting one of the new mechanics – the Web Rush. Web Rush allows you to slow down time and make split second decisions like dodging an oncoming enemy or using your webshooters to tie-up a foe. It can even be used to pull of aerobatic feats while web-slinging around the environments.

This mechanic really interests me, to my knowledge this is the first time a developer has tried to incorporate Spider-Man’s “Spidey Sense” into a game. For all of you non-nerds out there, Spidey Sense is essentially a form of pre-cognition that allows Spider-Man to avoid oncoming danger a fraction of a second before it occurs.

Slow motion certainly sounds like the right away to go about, when it comes to this particular super power. Decide for yourself by watching the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer in the embedded player.

[youtube id=”Mwi5ZDa2Fqo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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