Clan of Champions | Review

Just recently released for the PSN and a few weeks ago on Steam, the latest game from ACQUIRE corp. takes place in a medieval fantasy setting with a focus on co-op gameplay. There is a versus mode as well, but the majority of my time was focused on the main storyline. I played the PC version.

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Clan Of Champions Now On Playstation Network

NIS America has annouced that Acquire’s new game “Clan of Champions” has reached the Playstation Network store. Featuring arena style combat in  the tight confines of a ruined kingdom gamers either enter the fray in single or multiplayer. Versus combat also adds to the gameplay as you earn new skills and customize your character to your chosen fighting style. Previously released on Steam, the PSN version is priced at $29.99 and the PC version is selling for $39.99

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Clan of Champions Clashes Onto Steam

NIS America has released a new game by AQUIRE Corp (the devs behind the original Tenchu series). Focusing on focused battles in enclosed sections of the ruins of a long forgotten castle town. Rumor has it that a weapon of invincible power is located somewhere on it’s grounds and the factions are battling to find it first.

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