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The Internet Celebrates The 18th Birthday of SEGA Dreamcast

Posted on September 10, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

SEGA Dreamcast

It is that time of year once again where we look back at SEGA’s last home console – the Dreamcast. Powered by a then beefy 200 MHZ Hitachi processor and boasting 16MB of RAM, the specs on the DC might seem absolutely laughable by today’s standards but SEGA’s first party developers transported us to fantastical worlds with just as much computing power as you might find on a 2007 smartphone.

Considering that this anniversary is the console’s 18th birthday, several video game outlets, former executives (like former SEGA of America VP Peter Moore) and developers marked the occasion with a tweet or two.

Peter Moore celebrated with a well-framed image of a launch DC unity complete with commemorative plaque and bottle of Sake.

Sonic The Hedgehog’s official twitter account reminded us that the VMUs were more than just memory cards – they had their own little games that could keep us entertained for hours.

IGN.com is old enough that their now shuttered Dreamcast Site wasn’t even their first channel. I’ll remember early mornings reading the weekly Q & A reader mail section – hoping that Brandon Justice would respond to my DC obsessed fan mail.

Remember that awesome black SEGA Sports limited edition Dreamcast? I wanted one so bad in 2000 and not because of the SEGA Sports branding. I looked forward to removing the SEGA Sports sticker and seating the sweet rare black Dreamcast next to my N64. Sadly, didn’t happen – I got a launch gray model that Christmas.

Lastly let us not forget that Dreamcast ushered in the age of online gaming with the PlanetWEB browser and SEGA Net supported games. Phantasy Star Online got he hooked into MMORPGs and tied up my parent’s phone line for months. Thanks to Joypad for reminding us that you can still load the Google homepage on it!

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Celebrating 20 Years of Pokémon!

Posted on January 12, 2016 by Kyle Scarboro

Want to feel old? This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pokémon. It is crazy how quickly twenty years have passed since Pikachu captured the hearts of so many children. (It does not look like he plans to give back your hearts anytime soon.)

After twenty years, the Pokémon franchise is stronger than ever. Still releasing games, trading cards, new anime series, manga, and more. What do you do when you have such a huge fan base after so many years? You give back to the ones who made you into what you are today!

#Pokemon20 is just the tip of the iceberg. The company is reaching out to their fans and urging and encouraging to share your favorite moments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, etc., and for every moment captured, yours might be chosen to get something special. What that special something is is a mystery. If you would like to take a trip down memory lane or see other’s photos posted, then click here for more.

You may be wondering if that is all they have to offer? Heck no!

Nintendo knows what you want and they are sparing no one!

On February 27th, Nintendo is releasing a special 3DS bundle! (Venusaur gets no love) Which includes a pre-installed copy of Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, & Pokémon Yellow. It also includes a special Pokémon menu theme.


What is that? You want more? You are not satisfied yet? Okay, how about this..

Throughout 2016, you will be getting one of these lovely legendary Pokémon every month. Mew will be distributed from February 1st through February 24th at Gamespot, Celebi will run from March 1st through March 24th on the Nintendo Network, Jirachi in April on the Nintendo Network, Darkrai in May at Gamestop, Manaphy in June via Nintendo Network, Shaymin in July via Nintendo Network, Arceus in August via Gamestop, Victini in September via Nintendo Network, Keldeo in October via Nintendo Network, Genesect in November at Gamespot in the US, and Meloetta in December via Nintendo Network. European details will be revealed soon.

Finally, Nintendo will be releasing a new expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game called Generations in February. It is a throwback to the original 151 and the main stars of the series. If you are a true fan of the OG, then there is no better time than now to jump in the TCG.



Celebrate 20 Years of PlayStation In The Most Adorable Way Possible

Posted on December 9, 2014 by Rae Michelle Richards

The PlayStation celebrated 20 years of gaming over this past weekend with the PlayStation Experience capping off the festivities. Alongside all of the big announcements Sony also released this adorable little video featuring some of the key gaming moments from the past two decades. Get ready to go d’awwwwe at the sight of Parappa the Sackboy!

Check out the full video after the jump along side a complete list of launch games from every PlayStation home console. Did you buy any of these consoles at launch? Let us know in the comments section.Read More


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