April 20, 2016

Epic Word Search Collection on the way

Posted on April 20, 2016 by Jason Nason

After the announcement of Dan McFox: Head Hunter yesterday, Lightwood Games has revealed that they are still into word games and are planning to release a second volume of Epic Word Search puzzles on the Nintendo 3DS in the near future.

Epic Word Search Collection 2 includes 5 new puzzles. They are Epic America Word Search, Epic Ancient Word Search, Epic Animals Word Search, Epic Journeys Word Search, and Epic Shakespeare Word Search.

Lightwood Games plans to lead with the “America” puzzle, which hides 1,673 words from 16 categories, including Presidents, skyscrapers, Route 66, muscle cars and drive-in movies. No release date is set as of yet, but Lightwood Games plans to have the game out in plenty of time for Independence Day.

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The Technomancer gets a new gameplay trailer

Posted on April 20, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

The Technomancer is a game that has been on my radar for over a year now, since its fantastic first trailer was released showing Mars and and its inhabitants fighting to survive. Now developer Spiders (Mars: War Logs and Bound By Flame) and publisher Tindalos Interactive have shown us an all new game play trailer!

looks pretty awesome to me! Mars is a place that not many games seems to want to go, and the feel of this game really peaks my interest. In the game players will find themselves playing as Zachariah the bionically enhanced and technomancer protagonist. Working with the Martian mega corp Abundance, you will have an abundance of choices for augmenting and changing your character and their abilities. Three main paths are available the Staff, the Blade and gun, and the Shield.

Here’s some more details on the combat options:

– The combat with the staff is based on mobility and damage, using sweeping blows against groups comprising several enemies.
– Fighting with Blade and gun requires agility, dodging, and controlling the pace of combat with the nail gun.
Finally, the Blade and shield combat style focuses on defence, blocking and parrying to inflict heavy damage in response to an attack.

The game launches on June 21.


Dark Souls Kickstarter is already at its goal

Posted on April 20, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Dark Souls 3 is one of the best selling Steam games of all time, so its not really surprising  that in the wake of that success this was born. In case you dont want to click ill post the video widget

Yup thats as dark souls video game, and its already funded at over 100% not just over 100% though
yes that says 1000% are you surprised? im not. Just to give you and idea: the £50,000 goal was reached within three minutes, according to an update on the kickstarter itself. So in case you know nothing of Kickstarter in recent months it has seen several hi-profile failures and consumer confidence in the site is at an all time low. To see this kind of reaction to a board game is pretty impressive. Here is all we know about the game right now in the form of a video.




Battleborn Beta Review

Posted on April 20, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Review by our newest Reviwer, so new she doesnt even have an account: Kylie Trace

Sometime last summer I started hearing about Battleborn, a sci-fi/fantasy first person MOBA developed by Gearbox Software, the creators of Borderlands. Battleborn’s graphics are solid and have a cartoony feel that really adds to the colorful battlefield. The number of playable characters means that there’s something for everyone. I thought it looked fun, so I was excited to hear it was going to have an open beta which would give me the chance to check it out before its actual release.

The basic plot is that there’s only one star left in the galaxy and a whole slew of heroes from different backgrounds must come together to protect it from being destroyed. The heroes (known as Battleborn) come from 5 different factions, ranging from a crew of anarchists known as the Rogues to members of the LLC (Last Light Consortium) whose main focus is to continue to profit economically. Either way they all have to work together to stop the end of the galaxy, but you still get the feeling that everyone has a “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us” attitude when you read each of the characters back stories. These stories have to be unlocked and are pretty rewarding if you’re interested in the character, but it takes a bit of grinding. Sometimes a character’s lore is only unlocked if you get someone else to play one specific character with you 5 times. It’s just chance if someone else wants to play that character unless you can get someone you know to do it.


The diverse cast of Battleborn

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