The Technomancer gets a new gameplay trailer

The Technomancer is a game that has been on my radar for over a year now, since its fantastic first trailer was released showing Mars and and its inhabitants fighting to survive. Now developer Spiders (Mars: War Logs and Bound By Flame) and publisher Tindalos Interactive have shown us an all new game play trailer!

looks pretty awesome to me! Mars is a place that not many games seems to want to go, and the feel of this game really peaks my interest. In the game players will find themselves playing as Zachariah the bionically enhanced and technomancer protagonist. Working with the Martian mega corp Abundance, you will have an abundance of choices for augmenting and changing your character and their abilities. Three main paths are available the Staff, the Blade and gun, and the Shield.

Here’s some more details on the combat options:

– The combat with the staff is based on mobility and damage, using sweeping blows against groups comprising several enemies.
– Fighting with Blade and gun requires agility, dodging, and controlling the pace of combat with the nail gun.
Finally, the Blade and shield combat style focuses on defence, blocking and parrying to inflict heavy damage in response to an attack.

The game launches on June 21.

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