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Dark Souls Kickstarter is already at its goal

Dark Souls 3 is one of the best selling Steam games of all time, so its not really surprising  that in the wake of that success this was born. In case you dont want to click ill post the video widget

Yup thats as dark souls video game, and its already funded at over 100% not just over 100% though
yes that says 1000% are you surprised? im not. Just to give you and idea: the £50,000 goal was reached within three minutes, according to an update on the kickstarter itself. So in case you know nothing of Kickstarter in recent months it has seen several hi-profile failures and consumer confidence in the site is at an all time low. To see this kind of reaction to a board game is pretty impressive. Here is all we know about the game right now in the form of a video.



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