October 3, 2015

Hyperdimension Neptunia Vs. SEGA Hardware Girls Detailed

Posted on October 3, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

The world of Hyperdimension Neptunia is already a pretty bizarre place – consoles have been personified as videogame heroines, the world uses ‘credits’ as their currency and enemies resemble the ghosts from Pac-Man – but things are about to get even more rad with the inclusion of the ‘SEGA Hardware Girls’.

In the upcoming game Hyperdimension Neptunia Vs. SEGA Hardware Girls Nep-Nep & CO. will take on personifications of classic SEGA hardware from the past thirty years. If you ever wanted to know what an officially sanctioned Dreamcast-tan looked like, you no longer have to wonder. The folks over at Idea Factory Japan and Compile Heart have revealed a bunch of new details for the upcoming action RPG.

Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Attack order returns from the previous games
  • A new “Fever Gem” gauge has been added. When you attack the percentage on this meter increases and will eventually provide you with a Rainbow Gem.
  • While in “Fever Mode” all of your party members gain 10% to their stats, enemies are unable to take their turns – meaning you can beat the hell out of the, you can also perform your EXE special attacks.

Also included with the combat system details were a number of new screenshots. It should be obvious who the Dreamcast is – she’s literally wearing a Dreamcast controller as a tiara! I also want Game Gear’s multi-colored hair aesthetic.. Like GOD DAMN!

Hypedimension Neptunia X SEGA Hardware Girls will be released in Japan on November 26th for the PlayStation Vita. No word on an international release.






Counter Strike: Global Offensive World Championship Set For Oct 8th

Posted on October 3, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Get hyped for the World Championship for Counter Strike: Global Offensive which has been set for October 8th 2015!  Some of the top CS: Go players from 16 different countries will be traveling to Belgrade to do battle. The CS: Go World Championship is a major event is a joint venture between Hitbox and E-Frag!

More than 79 teams competed In continental finals which took place this past May.

If you’re going to the festivities in Belgrade they will have a small pavilion with other games like League of Legends, Pro Evolution Soccer and HearthStone for attendees to play while they wait around for matches to begin.

If you can’t be there you can always watch their livestream here on the 8th!



Just Cause 3 Map Released

Posted on October 3, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Square Enix

The HUGE map for Just cause 3 has been released in the third dev diary for the game.The Third Just Cause will return to the island that Rico grew up on. While beautiful and serene on the surface, Medici is under the tyrannous reign of the dictator General Di Ravello and is far from peaceful. This island paradise provides the player with a highly explosive playground of destruction coming December 1st 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and high-end Windows PC. 

check out the dev diary below.

[youtube id=”khobhtSCpzM”]




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