Tales of Xillia Launches In Japan Next Week

Tales of Xillia 2, Namco Bandai’s next game ( also first direct sequel  in sometime ) in the long running Tales of  series is almost ready for release in Japan. Xillia 2 will be released on November 1st, just one week from now the company has announced via webcast.

Pre-ordering the game gives you exclusive goodies including a novel that bridges the storylines of both games, costume DLC (which Namco will probably release as paid DLC later in the year) and a PlayStation 3 theme. According to Namco development of Xillia 2 took place simultaneously with the first game, as production began ramping down on the first. No wonder they are able to release them within a year of announcement!

Unfortunately for North American gamers who knows if we will ever see Xillia 2.The first game is still undergoing localization and is due out sometime next year. I hope that Xillia 2 doesn’t join the ranks of Tales of Innocence R or Radiant Mythology 2  & 3 and go unreleased. Of course, those three games where all PSP/Vita games and the handheld market hasn’t been so hot.


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