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Microsoft’s Xbox One Does A 180

Posted on June 19, 2013 by Joshua Rust

Sony had a big advantage going into the next generation console war. Today, however, the clear favored Sony Playstation 4 might actually get some competition after all as Microsoft has announced an update to their Xbox One policies.

Microsoft took a hard blow at E3 when Sony announced that the Playstation 4 would not require a constant online connection and that you can “pass a game to someone standing beside you, yeah that’s how we trade.” I won’t lie, I’m a Microsoft fan and truthfully some of the policies didn’t bother me because they didn’t affect me. BUT, I do see how it does affect other people who trade in games or can’t commit to a connection every 24 hours and quite honestly it really sucked that Microsoft was headed full steam without thinking of their consumers. After all, if you betray your customers what are you left with?

I’m going to assume that it was the PS4/Xbox One pre-order ratio and the millions of previous Microsoft fans that finally go their attention – mostly the pre-orders though. But thankfully Microsoft has actually come through for you, the consumer. There are quite a few big changes to the Xbox One policy, which you can read after the jump!

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