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The Division first expansion detailed

Posted on April 1, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

It seems like just yesterday that we reviewed The Division, (actually its today go read our review), but already Ubisoft have announced a massive free update to arrive in the later part of April. The update will include among other things: Trading in the darkzone, the first “raid” or incursion, a host of new hi end gear, and a new set of daily and weekly challenge missions.

lets talk about that incursion first, Called Falcon Lost, It will be level gated to only people with a gear level of 31 or higher. There will be matchmaking, so players who usually run solo will still be able to cover this mission. The whole mission will be a no-respawn zone, meaning that if your team dies, its the end my friend. The missions are designed to challenge the best players in the game, and if they are anything like Destinys raid content, it may be some time before a single team is even able to beat them. Falcon Lost will feature the Last Man Battalion, and will take place in the sewers of the already existing map. I for one am looking forward to dieing hundreds of times trying to complete this mission in search of good loot!


The Raid is by far the thing that most people are looking forward to, but the April 12th update is also going to bring some quality of life changes that are long overdue. Trading will now be permitted among groups, so now when you get that sweet sweet gold in the Dark Zone, if you already have something better you can trade it to your buddy. Daily and weekly challenges are also getting a buff, with  more being added. This is a good move for players like me who still find that they are not geared for the challenge mission but can easily sweep through the dailies in 5-10 minutes.

This update drops April the 12th and is free to all players who own the game. Hopefully this will keep us all entertained until we get the first paid subway expansion. its good to see Ubisoft supporting their users with free content before their first major update and I can only hope that it is a trend that continues.

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