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Starcraft Remastered Out This August

Prepare to construct additional pilons and make sure your mineral harvesting skills are at peak performance as Blizzard is prepared to re-release 1998’s Starcraft and the Broodwar Expansion for the HD generation on August 14th through the Blizzard App. StarCraft: Remastered features not only revamped visuals & widescreen support but […]


Blizzard Recommends Changing Battle.net Password After Breach

Due to a recent breach on Blizzard’s internal network the company is recommending users change their Battle.net account passwords. The actual password info accessed was scrambled, and this recommendation is just a precaution. It seems no personal information was accessed […]


Don’t Expect Starcraft Ghost Anytime Soon

A lot has happened in the past decade in terms of gaming, we’ve seen the launch and decline of the seventh generation of home consoles as well as Sony entering the portable space with the PSP and following it up […]