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September 19th Nintendo Download

The Nintendo 3DS eShop is the focus this week with a ton of new games available from full retail releases to new eShop titles. EA Sports latest game in the FIFA series arrives on the 3DS with FIFA 14 hitting […]


Scribblenauts Unlimited | Review

Version tested: Wii U Scribblenauts surprised gamers with the ability to write virtually anything that comes to mind in Max’s notebook and have it pop into the game to help solve puzzles. That concept has grown beyond just being confined […]


Scribblenauts Unlimited Announced For Wii U

Warner Bros. and 5th Cell announced the development of Scribblenauts Universe today, available on Wii U. The game plays like you’d expect a Scribblenauts game to, only in high-resolution. However, the world is more connected and available to explore this […]