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Tinybuild Releases Party Hard Alpha For All To Play

Posted on April 24, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Tinybuild has released a public alpha version of their upcoming 2D slaughter-fest Party Hard 2 on both Windows PC and Mac. Fans of the first game, as well as newcomers, can try out the gameplay that developer, Pinoki Games, is working on. Even at this early stage of development both the publisher and developer seem confident in what this sequel has to offer.

Party Hard 2 Alpha 1 allows players to explore a nightclub environment as a “masked maniac” with a number of objectives. Differing from the formula of the first title, which required players to eliminate all targets, Party Hard 2 provides a number of different targets to chose from. Other enhancements in PH2 include the ability to see interactive objects in the game environment, an instant kill ability and the player character can now also carry up to 3 items.

Don’t have time to download the alpha for yourself? Check out 3 minutes of direct gameplay that TinyBuild has uploaded to YouTube:

Here is the official announcement tweet annoouncing the availability of Alpha 1:

Lastly here is a couple of GIFs of PH2 in action:

Pre-ordering Party Hard 2 on the official website for $19.99 USD guarantees access to additional alpha builds as well as the full version upon completion.


Tiny Build Confirms Party Hard Sequel Using New Engine

Posted on February 8, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Party Hard 2

Indie publisher Tiny Build has announced that their 2015 stealth action title Party Hard will be receiving a sequel in the form of Party Hard 2.  Not only have they announced that the game will utilize a new engine but Party Hard 2 will be playable by the public very soon with a series of sign-up only alphas and a playable build on display at PAX East next month.

The premise of Party Hard 2 is pretty simplistic – set ten years after the original the player, as a corporate employee, is denied their holiday bonus and decides to celebrate the season by filling the halls with gallons of blood. All valid criticisms of late capitalism aside, players going on a massacre as a within action games has been happening for decades at this point and from the look of things Party Hard 2 embraces this destructive gaming practice.

Party Hard 2 utilizes a brand new, unnamed, engine that will allow the devs to provide players with 3D real-time environments complete with physics simulations. Two dimensional characters will blend seamlessly into these new 3D environments as you can see in the animated GIF below:

Party Hard 2

Party Hard 2 will have a series of public alpha builds which potential players can sign-up for on the game’s official website. It will also be playable at the PAX East Expo in Boston at the Tiny Build booth.


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