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Overfall Review, The world is alive

Posted on March 19, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Reivew by: Brandon Hall

Overfall is a new game from Pera games. Funded by Kickstarter and currently in early access, the game released March 1st. The game features a mix of turn based strategy, roguelike elements, and adventure, packaged in to a 2.5 format with a lot of emphasis on exploration. Each time you play the world is randomly generated, so you get a lot of variety and re-playability.

You play as two adventurers who have returned from another plane on a quest for the disk of ages  for the Everking. You return home to find that in your absence three centuries have passed, and the Everking has gone missing. You are left with nowhere to go, and in your possession is the sought after disk of ages. With the beings that made the disk in hot pursuit of you and your comrade, it’s a race to save the world. Story thus dispenced with the player gets their first look in to the world of Overfall. What you see might surprise you the world of Overfall is a sea of islands, full of boats controlled by A.I.Read More


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