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New Super Mario Bros. U | Review

Posted on January 15, 2013 by Les Major

There’s something about New Super Mario Bros. U that feels like a step onto new ground. First off, the map screen is a welcome change featuring winding pathways similar to Super Mario World. I know it’s just a simple cosmetic change, but with such little story in the side-scrolling games compared to the likes of Super Mario Galaxy, the world map gives more of an adventuring feel. I realize this is an odd point to start with, but I’m a huge fan of this and it’s a feature I’ve missed. New Super Mario Bros. Wii did a good job bringing it back, and New Super Mario Bros. U (hereafter Mario U) feels solid with the expansive map returning to the series.Read More


Big World Map Returns in New Super Mario Bros. U

Posted on November 8, 2012 by Les Major

One of my biggest disappointments with the Super Mario Bros. series has been the drifting away from Mario 3 and Mario World overworld maps. I know, it’s all the same content but something just feels cooler about those expansive and wandering paths.

Now they’re back! This means I’ll definitely be moving in with my friends who buy a Wii U later this month and gather around it’s warming glow in late November. This news is a complete thrill to me. I loved the content of other Mario games, but disliked the straight line of levels. After all, many classic Nintendo games were about exploration and finding secrets.

I’m thrilled about this news. To see a pan over of the world map by Kotaku, check out the video below. Of course, you may want to skip it if you want to be surprised while exploring the overworld. The ending could be considered a spoiler.


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