Minecraft Title Update 9

Minecraft’s Title Update #9 Is Now Available On Xbox 360

Releasing a day ahead of schedule is Minecraft’s next update, cleverly titled “Title Update 9”, for the Xbox 360. This is probably one of the most anticipated updates for the game as players can now journey to “The End” and fight the boss of Minecraft – the Enderdragon. In addition to The End and the Enderdragon there has been a number of additions and improvements added to the game which you can read after the break

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Minecraft “Title Update 9” Teaser Trailer

A few days ago we brought you news that Minecraft will be headed to retail in the form of a disc (Yay!). Today Mojang & Microsoft have released a new trailer detailing what will be in “Title Update 9.” Unfortunately they still haven’t given a firm release date on when it will hit our Xbox 360 consoles, but we expect it will be before or on the same day that Minecraft hits retail stores (April 30th).

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