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CFL Game in the Works but Won’t Be Released

According to a recent report by Kotaku, and later picked up by Yahoo! Sports, a game based on the Canadian Football League is not only in the works but could be released anytime. Electronic Arts however has no intention of […]


Madden NFL 13 | Review

Just as the sun always comes up in the morning, there’s a new Madden game out every year. Back when Madden NFL 12 was released, I heard some people mutter the words, “another year, another Madden.” Admittedly, I haven’t played a Madden game in […]


Madden 13 Demo Drops Tomorrow On XBL

Annual football franchise, Madden, will once again consume the souls of the NFL faithful with the release of the Madden 13 demo on Xbox Live tomorrow. This brief taste of EA’s latest pig skin simulate features a matchup between the […]


Madden & FIFA Get Kinect Support

Electronic Arts largest sports franchises Fifa Soccer and Madden NFL Football will be receiving Kinect Voice Support starting with this year’s games. During the demo at Microsoft’s press conference EA mentioned that you will be able to change offense and […]