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Polara | REVIEW

Posted on September 24, 2016 by Jason Nason

I’ve played my share of runners with most of them being the endless variety. You run and run, avoiding enemies or other obstacles until you eventually fall. You try to beat out your top score or the scores others on a high score chart. But while Polara is a runner it’s not in the endless variety, which gives this game much more lasting power and makes it more satisfying to play.

The year is 2140 and a civil war rages between the upper and lower classes, resulting in a militant defense initiative nation wide by the governing bodies. In an undisclosed laboratory deep within the urban capital, Lara, and agent ascending the ranks within the Bertram Defense Institute, has been chosen to test a prototype bio-defense suit that protects the subject from the automated defense grid now monitoring and “cleansing” the continent of lower class insurgents.

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