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Marc Laidlaw has left Valve

In an email posted to imgur Marc Laidlaw lists off all of the reasons that he left super publisher Valve. Citing a large number of reasons “but mostly im just old” the email also says “I am no longer a full or […]


J.J. Abrams Plans Half-Life and Portal Movies

Director J.J. Abrams, who is wrapping up the new Star Trek movie and will be working on a new Star Wars movie after that has two video game projects in his sights. The producer-director plans to work closely with Valve […]


Original Half Life Now Available For OSX and Linux

Gordon Freeman might spend a lot of time in suspended animation between the two Half Life games, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t busy killing aliens on brand new platforms. According to Cult of Mac, Valve Software has ported 1998’s Half […]


Black Mesa Source Beta Released

There are certain gaming projects that we just all assume will never see the light of day – Duke Nukem Forever, Black Mesa: Source, Half Life 3 but now we can cross of two of those three. The team behind […]


Black Mesa, a Fan Recreation of Half Life, Releases Sept 13

Black Mesa, a source engine powered remake of the original Half Life has remained one of the most elusive fan run projects in recent memory. On their official website the team replaced their regular blog roll with a countdown clock, […]