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Three Main Characters Star In GTA V

It’s been rumoured that GTA V would feature more than one main character, and today Game Informer’s December issue launched digitally. You can see the full cover and pick up a subscription here on Game Informer’s website. Read on for more […]


GTA V Screens Leaked – Reveals Some Locations

Grand Theft Auto V is coming, make no mistake of that. The exact release date is unknown but it is narrowed down to a Spring 2013 launch. I expect the information flood gates to open up very soon. In fact, […]


Grand Theft Auto V Releases Spring 2013

Rockstar Games has confirmed today thatGrand Theft Auto V will release in the Spring of next year – 2013! Pre-orders are not available at your local game store yet, but you should be able to start pre-ordering starting November 5th, […]


Get Ready For A GTA V Info Blowout

After receiving small tidbits of info all this time, with pictures and a short trailer, Rockstar Games’s highly anticipated GTA V is finally going to come out with a huge coverage by Game Informer. Editor-In-Chief Andy McNamara tweeted a few […]


New GTA V Screens | Leisure

Oh Rockstar, how we love you and your flagship Grand Theft Auto series.  You tease us so, giving us little nibbles of information, and we lap it up, hoping and praying to appease you into giving us just a little […]