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Defiance TV show canceled, Game will go on.

Gotta give  SyFy props for trying on this one. They limped along for three seasons in their mixed media, its a video game and a TV show experice. The game was even pretty good. But i think at this point […]


First Defiance DLC Detailed

Trion Worlds, creator of Defiance, have announced the first details on DLC for their epic MMO Sci-fi shooter. For the Season Pass holders, you should know the deal by now, you will get 5 DLCs at a reduced price. But […]


Trion Worlds Releases First Post Launch Patch For Defiance

Trion Worlds released its ambitious, yet lukewarmly received, shooter title Defiance two weeks ago and the developers are already working on their first post-launch patch due out next week. A client side patch will allow players to replay the main […]