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CastleStorm: Free to Siege Releasing on Mobile Devices

Posted on May 6, 2014 by Jason Nason

Zen Studios has announced that CastleStorm will be released on for mobile devices. The mobile adaption will be free to play when it’s released on May 8th. It will be released on iOS, Android and Amazon devices.

Featuring console quality graphics and controls tailored for the touch screen, CastleStorm – Free to Siege includes four full campaigns with 150 battles and four nations with distinct troop classes, weapons, spells, bonus rooms, and eight playable hero characters as well as brand new spells for the mobile version.

“Over 6,000 players joined the CastleStorm – Free to Siege beta on Android, providing valuable feedback that impacted many aspects of the game, including the in-game economy and important gameplay elements,” said Mel Kirk, Zen Studios Vice President of Publishing. “Thank you to all the players who helped us make a better game.”

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Ubisoft Were The Big Winners of Amazon’s Black Friday Weekend

Posted on November 26, 2012 by Broken Joysticks

With Black Friday sales currently being tallied up at the writing of this article, one fact has been confirmed, Ubisoft have been successful this past weekend on arguably the best online store on the Internet. According to data from Cowen & Company, the French video game company pulled away with massive sales this Black Friday weekend, with Just Dance and Assassin’s Creed III in the top 20. On record, the Just Dance franchise have always had a title at the top of the most sold game on Black Friday weekend, and this happenstance is no different.

December might just be 31 days, but it accounts to a quarter of annual video game software sales in the U.S., which are undoubtedly vital for publishers to factor in when capitalizing in on the days after Thanksgiving.

Other factors worth noting is ten Xbox 360 games made the top 20 list, the oldest game on the list is technically Gran Turismo 5 (XL Edition) as it was reduced to ten dollars for the weekend, and even the previous iteration of Just Dance for the Wii even squeezed onto the list.  This list of top sellers from Amazon.com are listed below.

Estimated top-selling video games on Amazon.com, as of November 23-25:

  • Just Dance 4 (Wii)
  • Assassin’s Creed III (Xbox 360)
  • Halo 4 (Xbox 360)
  • Assassin’s Creed III (PS3)
  • Dishonored (Xbox 360)
  • Madden NFL 13 (Xbox 360)
  • FIFA Soccer 13 (PS3)
  • FIFA Soccer 13 (Xbox 360)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Xbox 360)
  • Just Dance 4 (Xbox 360)
  • Madden NFL 13 (PS3)
  • Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (PS3)
  • Dishonored (PS3)
  • Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)
  • Dance Central 3 (Xbox 360)
  • Skylanders Giants (Wii)
  • God of War Saga (PS3)
  • Just Dance 3 (Wii)
  • Lego Lord of the Rings (Xbox 360)


Report: Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller will Last 80 Hours?

Posted on October 16, 2012 by Jason Bassett

As we all know, Nintendo will be launching the Wii U in just a few short weeks and with that comes a couple of cool controllers like the Wii U Gamepad. Nintendo will also be releasing another conventional controller with the system as well. Dubbed the Wii U Pro Controller, the control itself looks like a different version of the Xbox 360 controller. Apparently, both Amazon and Gamestop is reporting some new details about the controller’s battery life:

In a report by Destructoid, retailers such as Gamestop and Amazon have been touting that the Wii U Pro Controller will last ~80 hours. A production description on Gamestop reads:

Your games, your way. However you think of your gaming style – hardcore, old school, or purely nostalgic – the Wii U Pro Controller puts you in the game. Designed for accessibility and extended gameplay comfort, the Wii U Pro Controller features the dual analog sticks and ergonomic button layout that you’ve come to expect, as well as a rechargeable battery that can last up to 80 hours on a single charge. The Wii U Pro Controller can be used for playing a variety of games – from packaged games at retail to downloadable games from the Nintendo eShop. Look on the back of Wii U game packaging to see which games use the Wii U Pro Controller. Not compatible with the Wii system or games.

This seems unparalleled to be sure. There also have been some rumbles (pun intended) that there will be no rumble feature supported into the controller. Which would give the controller a more unsubstantial boost in power. This would be a vast improvement over the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 controllers that do not get the power and will be vastly superior compared to the 3-5 hours that the Wii U Gamepad will provide.


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