DOOM Rips & Tears Its Way On To Nintendo Switch Today

Have you wanted to take id Software’s 2016 FPS masterpiece DOOM on the road with you? Now you can, complete with the game’s competitive multiplayer mode intact. Today’s release is part of Bethesda’s support of Nintendo’s unique hybrid console. Which includes not only today’s release of DOOM but also the upcoming release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on November 17th and Wolfenstien II sometime in early 2018.

DOOM was one of last year’s most noticeable releases for several reasons. First and foremost it helped revive the troubled DOOM franchise, which had languished in development hell over the past decade and a half. It was also filled to the brim with all of the violence, classic weaponry, and science fiction trappings players have come to expect from the series with the added addition of modern FPS mechanics, rich lore and a campaign that didn’t shy away from being over 12 hours in length.

Here is part of what I had to say about the PC version when I reviewed it back in July 2016:

“[The weaponry] in this game satisfies like no other shooter this year. A lot of the DOOM classics return – the pistol, the shotgun, the super shotgun, the pulse rifle and the BFG 9000 to just name a few but ID Software has once again outdone themselves by adding a bevy of secondary modes and modifications for each weapon. While playing challenges will passively be completed throughout the campaign awarding “weapon upgrade” points that can be spent on your arsenal. “

One of the marquee features from the console & PC additions did not make the transition to Nintendo Switch, however. The innovative SnapMap mode, which allows players to create their own custom Multiplayer arenas & single player missions is absent from the Switch port. However, Bethesda did include all of the previously released DLC multiplayer maps and the Arcade Mode which allows the DoomSlayer to return to the scenes of his previous rampages and earn new high scores.

Executive Producer at id Software Marty Stratton had this to say about today’s release of DOOM:

“We’re excited to welcome Nintendo fans back to the world of DOOM … This game is all about powerful guns, crazy demons, and fast, relentless gameplay, which we think Switch players will really enjoy.”

Rip, tear, rend and repeat anywhere with the only portable rendition of DOOM!

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