Fortnite Adds Battle Royale Cosmetics, Haunted Castle & More In Halloween Update



  • Introducing “Slurp Juice,” a regeneration potion that grants 1 health and 1 shield per second for 25 seconds.
  • You can now customize your character, banner, and equip any cosmetics in the new Locker menu.
  • Settings have been reset for all players.
    • This is a side effect of the setting changes we made in this update.
    • We will work on improving this process for future updates.
  • Voice chat comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • Players will now auto-pickup ammo, building resources, and traps.
  • New graphics are visible to players who are caught outside the Storm safe zone, and the storm wall visuals have been updated.
  • New Halloween skins are on sale in the newly implemented store, and will only be available until 11/4.
    • Use V-bucks to purchase items from the store.
    • Character Skins
      • Skull Trooper
      • Ghoul Trooper
    • Weapon Skins
      • Reaper Skin – Pickaxe
  • The new “Combat Pro” controller config is aimed at keeping the user’s thumbs on the sticks as much as possible so they can make fast weapon swaps and build quickly.


  • Players can now purchase a unique array of outfits, gliders and pickaxes in the new item shop.
    • Offers will rotate on both a weekly and daily basis
    • All items sold are cosmetic only and do not grant any competitive advantage
    • Purchased items can be equipped in the new locker screen prior to starting a match
  • NOTE: Purchases from the Battle Royale store do not carryover to the Save the World mode.


  • Players can customize their character’s appearance in the new Locker menu with the following options:
    • Set your banner image and color
    • Equip any purchased outfits, gliders or pickaxes


Slurp Juice is a regeneration potion that grants one health and one shield per second for 25 seconds.  Slurp Juice can heal players all the way up to 100 health. These can be found in the same locations as other consumables and you can stack up to two of them.



  • Explore our spookiest stormscape yet! Gothic castles, grim mansions, creepy catacombs, and more await you in the mists of Hexsylvania.
    • Trap the Storm! This new mission focuses on reinforcing and defending existing buildings. Fortify your castle, and prepare for a close combat husk brawl.
    • Dig into Hexsylvania’s cryptic history with bone chilling story quests! 36 new quests in all.
    • Adventure into the mists of Hexslyvania after completing Storm Shield Defense 3.
  • Halloween Creatures
    • Beware the Pumpkin Head Husk, a nightmarish creature guaranteed to scare you out of your gourd.
    • Protect ya neck! The Vampire Taker is out for blood. His attacks heal him, and some say he can’t be seen on the mini-map.
  • Treat Yourself
    • Spend the candy you earned by completing quests and mission alerts on Halloween llamas for extra Fortnitemares fun.
    • Slot Fortnitemares Cosplay Survivors into your Collection Book and receive event rewards!
  • Witness the Lobby of Doom!
    • Behold the crawling terror of the updated Fortnitemares themed lobby.


  • Changed the “Leaping Ninjas” Mutant Storm Modifier to apply AoE damage when a Ninja lands after using the Mantis Leap ability.
    • This ability still has reduced stamina cost, but the modifier no longer increases the Ninja’s jump height.
  • Two New Traps
    • Don’t let the Fortnitemares monsters spook you! Take advantage of these two new traps and cover your backs:
      • Ceiling Drop Trap
        • These tires can be dropped from up to 3 tiles above your foes, oh, and they bounce!
      • Floor Freezing Trap
        • Place this on the ground to slow and freeze enemy monsters’ movement in place. Particularly effective against Fire elemental enemies.
  • Several new weapon alterations have been added:
    • Increased Knockback and Impact (Melee)
    • Headshot Streak Damage Bonus (Ranged)
    • Increased Damage vs Afflicted targets (Both)
    • Increased Damage vs Slowed and Snared targets (Both)
    • Increased Damage vs Stunned, Staggered, and Knocked Down targets (Both)
  • Re-balanced reload speed alterations.
    • Overall outcome is a +7.5% buff to all reload speed alterations.
  • Hero cards feature a new, unique animation in the card background rarity art.
  • Defenders have a much clearer, larger image of the weapon they use.
  • Transform Key visuals have been completely redesigned to be rectangular, and have unique visuals.
  • When matching Personalities and Set Bonuses, the icons glow brighter.
  • Added type icons to cards at larger scales so the type is easier to identify.
  • The Fire Cracker Pistol projectiles will no longer instantly explode if near a Radar Tower.
  • Fixed an issue which caused traps to sometimes ignore enemies in range.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Defenders to be unable to be transformed without using overly high rarities.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing damage-over-time effects dealt by elemental lightning Husks to affect player’s health as well as shields.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Husks to take fall damage when attacking Amplifier A from the North in Canny Valley Storm Shield Defense missions.
  • Fixed a bug which interfered with hit reaction animations playing properly on husks.
  • Fixed an issue which caused radar dishes to be destroyed when upgrading a floor under it.
  • Fixed an issue which caused defenders using a pistol to keep reloading after firing a single shot at Flingers.


  • 8 new Halloween Heroes have been added.
    • Marine Corpse Ramirez (Support Specialist Soldier)
    • Skull Trooper Jonesy (Urban Assault Soldier)
    • Catstructor Penny (Hotfix Constructor)
    • Hazard the 13th (Controller Constructor)
    • Sarah Hotep (Dragon Ninja)
    • Shuriken Master Llamurai (Shuriken Master Ninja)
    • Ranger Beetlejess (Ranger Outlander)
    • Bloodfinder A.C. (Pathfinder Outlander)
  • Bloodfinder A.C. is a Legendary hero earned exclusively by completing missions in the new Hexsylvania region.
    • Epic and Legendary versions of the 7 other Heroes can be earned by:
    • Completing your collection of Fortnitemares Cosplay Survivors.
    • Playing through the Hexsylvanian quest line.
  • Opening Fortnitemares llamas.
  • The Energy Thief Ninja and Machinist Harper now correctly show their role name in the subcategory of their hero card.
  • Reworded descriptions of Recycling and Hyperthreading perks for clarity.
  • Changed “harvesting damage” to “pickaxe damage” in the Deep in the Zone perk description.
  • Fixed an issue which caused enemies to attempt to attack Shock Towers.
  • Fixed an issue which granted the Exit Plan perk multiple times from overlapping BASEs.
  • Fixed an issue which caused an incorrect ammo display to briefly show up when activating Goin Commando.


  • When a card is ready to upgrade, a glowing yellow indicator will appear by the XP bar, and Stars will glow when an evolution is available.
    • We removed up arrows on larger card sizes and added them on smaller sizes.
  • Heroes, Defenders, Leaders, Workers, Schematics and Transform keys get a new unique look.
    • The horizontal card shape for schematics have been changed to a vertical shape.
    • Our intention is to unify the shapes of cards across the game, making the images of Weapons and Traps a bit larger, and giving them more character.
  • Added a new quest map for the Fortnitemares event.
  • We have made a number of improvements to the way defenders are summoned and the UI that supports this process.
    • Players can now summon defenders with a choice of weapon (and ammo) directly from the defender screen.
    • Players can still drop a weapon and ammo on the ground for the defender to pick up if they choose to do so.
  • PC players can now hover over mission tiles to see additional details.
  • In the inventory screen, the active details tab is no longer tracked independently for schematics and backpack items.
  • Added missing subtitles for Canny Valley Storm Shield Defense 1.
  • Added clearer messaging for Upgrade Llamas.
    • Now a player is told they will get a rare OR a hero drop.
  • When opening an item management screen with no item selected, the item details panel will no longer show stale information from another screen.
  • Trap knockback stat display now includes changes from alterations.
  • Corrected the Scavenger Pipe weapon description.
    • Was previously referred to as a Socket Wrench.
  • Restored the count that appears on a stack of traps when recycling more than one.
  • Improved scrolling with a controller on the Play frontend tab.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Helicopter slot 2 unlock to become available before the Helicopter unlock.
    • The Helicopter node in Research Tree 2 was swapped with the Hang Glider node in Research Tree 4.
    • This fix may cause some players to have parts of their research skill tree reset and refunded.
    • No progress will be lost but players will need to rebuy their skills again with their refunded points.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a Weapon Llama obtained from the collection book to visually appear as an Upgrade Llama.
  • Fixed an issue that caused survivor squads to show incorrect information when removing each slotted survivor.
  • Fixed cut off text in the Mission Select screen for a number of languages.
  • Fixed a few typos in the Supply Drop Upgrade Wood skill tree node description.
  • Fixed an issue which caused other player’s health bars not to show after rejoining a mission.
  • Fixed an issue which caused party invites and notifications to stop appearing.


  • Updated the Defender tutorial to work with new UI.
  • Fixed an issue which caused floating lights to be present in the Plankerton Storm Shield.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from completing the track in “Deliver the Bomb” missions.
  • Fixed an issue which did not automatically complete the grenade objective if players missed the grenade target three times during grenade training.
    • With this issue now resolved, players should be able to advance through the tutorial correctly.


  • The blue background on Schematic Cards has been changed to a lighter color.
  • Added a sensationally spooky cinematic to introduce Fortnitemares.
  • New model and animation set for the Taker.
  • Fixed an issue with the way Tail of the Dragon particle effects displayed on other players’ game clients.
  • New Card Art
    • We have created a new, distinct visual style for Heroes, Weapons, Schematics, and Survivors.


  • General stability improvements.
  • Fixed several issues that were causing in-game hitching.
  • Fixed several client crashes.


  • There is a chance that a player can spawn into a zone with no pickaxe.
  • Husks sometimes spawn in unreachable locations during Encampment encounters.
  • Healing pads can still work even when at 0 durability.
  • The mouse cursor is sometimes invisible on PS4.

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