Fortnite Adds Battle Royale Cosmetics, Haunted Castle & More In Halloween Update

Posted on October 26, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Epic Game’s Fortnite isn’t one to be left out on the Holiday festivities. With just 5 days to go until All Hollow’s Eve, this large & spooky update is ready to scare up some fun for both Battle Royale players and those of us who prefer to Save The World. 

New additions to Battle Royale include a brand new baseline item called the “Slurp Juice” which is a 25-second heal over time which will heal 1 health and 1 shield per second and then go on cooldown. Cosmetic items have also been added to BR mode, with two character skins – Skull Tropper & Ghoul Trooper available for purchase with real-world money. Console players on Xbox One & PS4 can look forward to the addition of voice chat on each of those platforms as well. 

Save The World players can venture into a special time-limited zone to explore the horrors of Vlad’s Castle. Explore the crypts of a large castle and reinforce placeable sensors along with other familiar objectives to earn special event candies for a brand-new orange & black Llama. Even the Husks have got into the Holiday festivities with Pumpkin Head Husks and Vampire Takers. 

Check out these screenshots of the two Event Weapons: The Pumpkin Launcher & Husk Slayer Assualt Rifle: 


Eight different Halloween Heroes are available featuring some awesome unlockable like Ghoul Ramirez, Black Cat Ears Constructor Penny and the mummy themed Sarah HotepPersonally I am hoping that I can unlock either the event only Sarah or Penny.. They both look absolutely purrrrfect. 

Players can earn 12 loads of 50 candies towards an event Llama (each of which cost 500 candies or 100 V-Bucks for real-world money) by completing Halloween Quests. Some limited time missions (denoted by a small clock next to them) can also give out a small amount of candies.  Realistically this means that players can earn 8 event Llamas without putting in any cash over the course of the event if they complete their daily Halloween quests. Daily Quest llamas for regular Fortnite dailies will also drop 100 candies as well. 

I played one round of Vlad’s Castle this afternoon and found it enjoyable – both to have a different aesthetic for once and I was also pleasantly surprised by the short length of the missions. Last month’s Horde Bash was criticized by the community for the length of its 10 rounds: sometimes taking up to 90 minutes to complete and only rewarding 50 tickets. This meant that players had to grind upwards of 10 hours to get a single Horde Bash Llama. Vlad’s castle is much more generous – rewarding a Llama after about 4 hours of game time. 

Full patch notes are on the next page.

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